Buy Salvifici doloris: el sufrimiento humano by Juan Pablo II (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Title, Carta apostólica Salvifici doloris. Author, Iglesia Católica. Papa ( Juan Pablo II). Edition, 2. Publisher, Paulinas, Length, 78 pages. by. John Paul II. · Rating details · ratings · 12 reviews. Letter of Pope John Paul II on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering, 11 February

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In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” And the more the Church feels the need to have recourse to the value of human sufferings for the salvation of the world. The path of Paul is clearly paschal: Here we touch upon one of the key-points of all Christian anthropology.

Christ, – without any fault of his own – took on himself “the total evil of sin”. These persecutions and tribulations will also be, as it were, a particular proof of likeness to Christ and union with him. Mary rated it it was amazing Sep 23, The field of human suffering is much wider, more varied, and multi-dimensional.

Lists with This Book. This “word of the Cross” completes with a definitive reality the image of the ancient prophecy.

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering: Salvifici Doloris

At the heart of this light is the truth expounded in the conversation with Nicodemus: In this horrible situation three old acquaintances come to his house, and each one in his own way tries to convince him that since he has been struck down by such varied and terrible sufferings, he must have done something seriously wrong. To this grace many saints, such as Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Ignatius of Loyola and others, owe their profound conversion. Obviously the Church must do the same.

These reflection sections include words to Ponder, a place to Pray, and guidance to Act on. In the midst of what constitutes the psychological form of suffering there is always an experience of evil, which causes the individual to suffer.

Carta apostólica Salvifici doloris – Iglesia Católica. Papa ( : Juan Pablo II) – Google Books

This will be a time for you to bear testimony. Like other anniversary editions of Pope John Paul II’s words, this book contains juaj full text and reflection sections at the end of each part. This suffering, together with the living word of his teaching, became a rich source for all those who shared in Jesus’ sufferings among the first generation of his disciples and confessors and among those who have come after them down the centuries.


Human suffering evokes compassion; it also evokes respect, and in its own way it intimidates. Katie rated it really liked it Nov 13, Sheryl rated it really liked it Sep 10, More than 17, pilgrims participated in the General Audiences held on Wednesdays more thannot counting other special audiences and religious ceremonies [more than 8 million pilgrims during the Great Jubilee of the Year alone], and the millions of faithful he met during pastoral visits in Italy and throughout the world.

Man can put this question to God with all the emotion of his heart and i his mind full of dismay and coloris and God expects the question and listens to it, as we see in the Revelation of the Old Testament. God gives his only-begotten Son so that man “should not perish” and the meaning of these words ” should not perish” is precisely specified by the words that follow: In this way, that world of suffering which in brief has its subject in each human being, salvifjci in our age to be transformed—perhaps more than at any other moment—into a special “world”: Christ, however, not only carries with himself the same question and this in an even more radical way, for he is not only a man like Job but the only-begotten Son of Godbut he also carries the greatest possible answer to this question.

In this way he accomplishes the messianic programme of his mission, according to the words of the prophet: Many episodes, many discourses during Christ’s public teaching bear witness to the way in which from the beginning he accepts this suffering which is the will of the Father for the salvation of the world. But at the same time, in the mystery of the Salvofici as his Body, Christ has in a sense opened his own redemptive suffering to all human suffering.

Considering the world of suffering in its personal and at the same time collective meaning, one cannot fail to notice the fact that this world, at some periods of time and in some eras of human existence, as it were becomes particularly concentrated.


Thus, even in the Apostle’s expressions on the subject of suffering there so often appears the motif of glory, which finds its beginning in Christ’s Cross.

On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering: Salvifici Doloris by John Paul II

Suffering, more than anything else, makes present in the history of humanity the powers of the Redemption. Take part through your suffering in this work of saving the world, a salvation achieved through my suffering! This work, in the plan of eternal Love, has a redemptive character. At any rate, Christ drew close above all to the world of human suffering through the fact of having taken this suffering upon his very self.

Only within this radius and dimension of the Church as the Body of Christ, which continually develops in space and time, can one think and speak of “what is lacking” in the sufferings of Christ. If one becomes a sharer in the sufferings dolodis Christ, this happens because Christ has opened his suffering to man, because he himself in his redemptive suffering has become, in a certain sense, a sharer in all human sufferings.

Job however challenges the truth of the principle that identifies suffering with punishment for sin. He had more meetings than any of his predecessors with the People of God and the leaders of Nations. Thus in the sufferings inflicted by God upon the Chosen People there is included an invitation of his mercy, which corrects in order to lead to conversion: And so the Church sees in all Christ’s suffering brothers and sisters as it were a multiple subject of his supernatural power.

Not only does it accompany human suffering, but it seems even to determine its human pavlo, what makes suffering precisely human suffering.

But if at the same time in this weakness there is accomplished his lifting up, confirmed by the power of the Resurrection, then this means that the weaknesses of all human sufferings are capable of being infused with the same power of God manifested panlo Christ’s Cross. This truth radically changes the picture of man’s history and his earthly situation: