Three Impromptu, Op 2. Allegro Meccanicamente. By Nikolai Kapustin. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Three Impromptu, Op 2. Allegro. One needs to learn a bit more about Kapustin himself before really 11 · Nikolai Kapustin · Nikolai Kapustin performing Impromptu, op. 66, no. Nikolai Kapustin – Impromptu Op. 66 No. 3 “Vivace Con Fuoco”. 5, views. Top Songs By Nikolai Kapustin. 1. Eight Concert Etudes Op Prelude – Nikolai.

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More by Nikolai Kapustin

Please Pass It On! One needs to learn a bit more about Kapustin himself before really understanding the distinction. Since that time the interest has continued to grow more and more every year. However, these days one has a rare opportunity to learn about all types of new and innovative art forms. Too unfamiliar with Kapustin to comment, but I did laugh at Sam Rose’s comment lol “[The trick to life isn’t] just about living forever. Kapustin was born in Russia, and much of his musical appreciation was born from that environment as well.


Take Kapustin music for example. Instead of a spontaneous creativity, one might say that Kapustin instead releases the creativity in a burst during the initial composition. I hadn’t played it in a while but yeah I look forward to criticism.

Nikolai Kapustin – Schott Music (EN)

Well, you should record more — you have considerable technique, and a natural, lyrical flow in your musical approach. And to be sure, this is hardly a waning phenomenon. But still, a very good presentation, and thanks for sharing this! AdminGlobal ModMod.

A Brief Introduction to Kapustin Music | Nikolai Kapustin | Nikolai Kapustin

I’m sure there’s a lot to be had. Please Support Imprompttu Advertisers. Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 91, One of the more exciting aspects of modern times is the scope of life.

The Russian people are well known for beautiful musical arrangements. I have enough material to tack a bloopers reel onto the end of the video actually. Not long ago our ability to sample art and culture was limited by geographic boundaries.

Most Online 15, Mar 21st, Too unfamiliar with Kapustin to comment, but I did laugh at Sam Rose’s comment lol. Kapustin brings a unique, pre-structured, look at the style. Jazz is usually considered somewhat free form by definition.


This was the first take. From these initial trials and tribulations, Kapustin created works of art which would be the model for performers the world over.

Kapustin – Impromptu Op. Or by becoming a Subscribing member!

For my taste, though, this presentation is not jazzy enough — it’s too dutiful and polite by half, which IMO is a mistake most Classically trained pianists make when approaching material of this sort. Every take after that was pretty bad. The trick is still living with yourself forever.

Impromptu Op.83

Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Seeing if I can get any more though: Kapustin has a superb sense of the jazz piano sensibility God knows where he got it, living in Russia his whole life!

This is especially amazing given the humility with which he views his own works. Hi there, evil one!