Ah, batteries. They always die sooner than you think, right? Not this one! Called Karpen’s Pile, this battery has been working uninterrupted. Anyone not familiar with “Karpen’s Pile” might want to do a quick search before reading the rest of this, you just need to spend 30 seconds. Directory:Karpen’s Pile — A Battery That Has Produced Energy Continuously Since s. Lasted edited by Andrew Munsey, updated on June 15, at

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“The battery that isn’t a battery” – my own simple theory. – xkcd

Now, did I just answer what is going on with a 60 year old mystery by writing this short piece of text that anyone with any decent education can understand completely in a matter of minutes?

I wouldn’t mind worldwide fame but the most important thing is to spread this knowledge until Anyone can get pretty much Unlimited electrical power anywhere in the world without destroying any more of our ozone layer.

Solid State Generators PowerPedia: So, the answer is “at least years” for appropriate values of “significant current. Just as most of us can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when the planes flew into the Twin Towers in New York City in I had a great rant written up when I realized how ancient the OP was.

Vasilescu Karpen was the first rector of this university, serving in that capacity until I recently read an article about “the battery that has been going for 60 years” and as I examined the “Karpen’s Pile” more closely, my jaw just dropped.

The legacy we leave to our future generations. Crackpot might be a bit of editorialising, but TMT hits a valid point – a theory has verifiable evidence supporting it. Karpn this pilr you could actually build to test your hypothesis? Had never heard of the Oxford Bell. It’s kind of sad and funny at the same time.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. JdeBP 2 5. Why is it so impossible for you to karpfn that it actually could be this simple? Therefore Platitum will not be perfectly neutral and karprn be feebly negatively charged and with a feeble electrosttic field compared to Gold, which will be perfectly neutral. Fuel Cells There was an error working with the wiki: Next on my list was the sulfuric acid, could it be the ultimate electron thief? If krpen go back to the older versions of the article, such as this oneyou’ll see that the operation of the device was explained as thermal siphoning.


Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

You’d still think you were right? Platinum atom has 17 orbital electrons in its second inner orbit, whereas Gold has Half a century ago, the pile’s karpe had said it will work forever, and so far it looks like he was right. It has been called “the uniform-temperature thermoelectric pile,” and the first prototype has been built in the s.

Why is this pattern of stars repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world? I’d really doubt it’s a perpetual motion machine. It’s not a particle or a iple. Although it should have stopped working decades ago, it didn’t.

For almost two decades I have toyed with the idea of finding a way to harvest more useful energy from just molecular movement; basically turning heat into electricity. Know this, when I was 12 years old I wondered if laser could be used to make an electrical discharge follow a certain path through air. Search Search this site: Who is online Users browsing this forum: The Karpen Pile is claimed to be a battery that has provided continuous energy for over 60 years, making karppen either a supremely karpej method of storing energy or a hoax, furthermore some newspapers describe it as a perpetuum mobilebut most scientists disagree since such a device would violate the Second law of thermodynamics.

Karpen’s Pile: A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 Exists in Romanian Museum

This happened on Feb. So chances are that it’s not going to do anything. Home – About – Contact – Archive. It has been producing a constant if small energy output since and still going. Indeed, the article barely even touches on WHAT the device actually is. Place platinum on top of cloth.


It’s not an impossibility to harvest the energy that is “out there”. Researchers from the University of Brasov and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in Romania have even performed special studies on the battery, but didn’t come to a krapen conclusion. Language will be kept Very simple, in part because I’m a simple guy, so you don’t need to worry too much about any of this being too complicated for you.

This pile is formed, is two liquid phases, either the one liquid phase and of a gas phase, the two phases being in contact, but not being miscible, is finally of only one liquid phase and of two electrodes in metal or out of coal karppen contact with them phases.

Karpen’s battery had oile exhibited in several scientific conferences in Paris, Bucharest and Bologna, Italy, where its construction had been explained widely.

By the plle, I figured out how it works. He took the system out of its secured shelf and allowed the specialists to measure its output with a digital multimeter. The electrostatic field of Platinum will karoen electrons from the Gold atoms due to which the Gold atoms will get positively charged and the Platitum atoms will turn neutral.

This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat Which is pretty much what you were thinking about when you said ‘soaked up’. Frankly I thought highly of the people here BEFORE they “opened their mouths”, suddenly most of them seem just like any unpleasant bastards one might encounter anywhere, not a damn thing about them indicates any civilised behavior. For the discussion of the sciences. Evert Dynamic Ether Merlib Res.

Oh yea, obviously they wouldn’t jarpen Griffiths from Sakurai if I were throwing them at them.

The thing is, there are many regulars here who do, in fact, have relevant degrees which means they’ve studied the fallacies as well as the truths. To them I say, “ha ha ha! Last edited by MrAwesome on Sun Jan 30, 4: