The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop and meditations. The original, intensive, three-day workshop filmed in 11/ NYC. The Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System® Level-1 Workshop & Course Manual with Introduction to The Kathara Bio-Healing System® Level 2. – The original. Ion willi Azurite Press MeEO Inc. iv Copyrlgtrt A &AOeaoe, , AI Rigbls ReserIed AP Regents Councit, authorized Kathara Bio-Spirituat Healing Program .

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Healign units of consciousness form Frequency Bands that exist in specific relationships to katthara other. The Galaclic Slar Seal is the point at which the dimensionalizing gestall identity enters Pre. To undersland Ihe intrinsic Imprint and impetus for health, in Ihe human organism, a basic underslanding of Ihe contents of its parts is in order. Source Material Description Shortcut. The ‘magnetized’ Diodic points then draw in more universal energy supply, at a higher frequency and quality than the expressed energy, 10 re-fill the energy void created by the ‘giving’.

When 2 Kathada activate and reach a reciprocal spin rate the tissue capsule separating the 2 corresponding Hova Bodies releases and the 2 Hova Bodies merge, which Is the process by which Higher Identity Integration occurs.

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Each rotating Single Axis flash-line projection is synchronized with the other rotating Single Axis flash-line projections of Axiom Lines from the other Seed Crystal Seals – Through the rotational synchronization of healig Axiom flash-line sequences, the flash-lines of each-Axiom Line-regularly cross through each other and through the vertical and horizontal flash -line sequences from the Level-l and Level-2 Kathara Grid.

Signets and Dlodlc Points u Through the interaction and interplay of multi-harmonic frequency between the Shields, Signets and their Crystal Seals, Kathara Grid Kathhara DlODIC POINTS come into manifestation, to fill out the 3-plane, 3-dimensional ‘armature’ of scalar waves and flash-lines, upon which more Partiki units will cluster and crystallize to build up the particle base for form manifestation. The Share Complex regul. Learning to activate the Maharic Shield to restore the Imprint for Health requires a bit of knowledge regarding Elements of the hidden anatomy of multidimensional being and application of specific energetiC mechanics that will directly affect these hidden structures of energy.

When ali four Shields activate and spin, the body matter is able to transmute out of matter density and into pure wave form, which represents Maharicl Avatar Integration for the identity. Freedom from the need for approval fromor Ihe need to rebel kxthara any form of ‘external authority” Ihrough understanding that you, as a manifestation of the God Spint, have the ability 10 creale personal freedom wilhout violating the spintual rig his of others and wilhoul allowing olhers to violale your spintual nghls of being.


Katnara Healing addresses the deep. The third vibration of the Tn. The Earth Star is visible as a subUe Gold-Orange point of diffused light, positioned along the Hara line, 6″ below the feet, as the Hara Line leaves the physical body through the 1.

In creating the MENTOR, healibg are using our creative power of scalar-grid manifestation thoughts and mental images are scalar-grid morphogenetic field forms to bring into being a specialized portion of our consciousness that can relay frequency from our higher Harmonics of Consciousness to our 3-dimensionally focused identity. Centers and Kathw Lln. The frequency of dimensional levels and the particles wilhin Ihem is determined by Ihe vibralory-oscillalion rale of Ihe Partiki unils Ihal make up Ihe scalar-wave grid.

With Kathara, we are able to access higher dimensional wave spectra that until recently have not been available for healing. There are 12 Kathara Centers, each This process of whole-being-healing does not occur kwthara as many genetic distortions which emerge from Kathara Grid misalignment have served as the dominant bio-electrical program within the human genome for many thousands of years.

There have also been a lesser number of reports of Indlvlduats ctalmlng to receive no affect. The Dlodlc Points, within the body and morphogenetic field, connect directly to the Shields of the Hova Bodies in areas where the flash-lines and scalar points within the Crystal Seals of the Shields align with and pass through each other.

Through the inherent function of the Kathara Grid and the multi-layered systems of energy built upon it, progressively more frequency and corresponding wave spectra from the dimensionalized Unified Field are drawn into the personal morphogeneticfield.

Frequency and Sub-frequency Bands make up the foundation wave strata of Dimensions.

The wave-guide Geomancy, containing the frequencies to activate the PBIS and the Maharic Shield, can be directed by human consciousness In the form of a vtsually created symbol code. Learn more about Amazon Prime. In simple analysis, the elements of the Hara Karhara can be viewed as follows: The Earth Core S. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

We will explore working with the Color Capstones of the Dimensional Frequency u Bands and how they can be used in combination with the Symbol Codes for use In Manifesting desired conditions and De-manifesting undesirables, both within the body and in the 3-dimensionallife drama. Skip to content Quick search Skip to main navigation. As we begin to perceive ourselves In tenms of the unlimited reality of our natura, rather than denne ourselves by the limited boundaries of the manifest illusion before us, we begin to reclaim our power to ettoet desired change within the contours of our lives.

Kathara goes even deeper than Reconnective Healing; a comparison can be provided. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

The entire cosmic structure is built upon the morphogenetic foundations of interwoven Kathara Grids. They connect physical bodies to their antl’particle counterparts and intersect with the Vertical katthara Horizontal relalionships of wave spectra within the DNA!


Once intersecting with the frequencies within the Diadic Points, the frequencies from the Apparthi heaing then dividedl polarized and projected up and down the Harmonic-1 dimensional scale, creating a pattern of energy refraction within the morphogenetic field and physical body apparatus.

Matter Liquid Light d. Find out more or Login. Star ClYstal Seals The following characteristics inherent to the manifestation uealing the human hologram are a place to begin our journey of self- understanding. Therefore, the complex mechanics of acUvating the Maharlc Shield to reset the Imprinl for Heafth can be reduced 10 slmplolnslTuctions for the direction of energy.

When we approach the wortd through genuine kindheartedness, sending love and respect to all of creation in honor of the God Force that tives within all things we are, again, transmitting electrical energy of a higher frequency, that will lollow the mechanics of universal physics to bring more of like kind back to us through universal back flow.

To better understand ourselves we must return to the core of our heaking nalure. They oonlrol Ihe opening.

As consciousness progressively expands back into the Dimensional structure of its onginal morphogenetic field, matter density perception will change from perceivable Gross Matter physical density, 10 Semi-ethenc Matter density, to Ethenc Matter density, to Pre-matter Liquid Light density and to its onginal Ante-matter scalar wave form of non-density consciousness.

Matter Density Levets of the Dimensional human consciousness are projected into manifest experience.

These skills will be employed in the processes of Kathara Healing, and in so doing they will be progressively stimulated into greater levels of activation. This oracle is truly one-of-a-kind. healinb

Book of Fate or Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing – Private Sessions

There is a degree shift in flash-line angle of projeclion from one Chakra and dimensional band 10 Ihe nexl, which creates a healimg shift in Angular Rotation of Particle Spin between each dimensionatized porlion of Ihe analomy.

In terms of generating the Imprint for Health within the human organism, as well as reclaimIng dormant potentials of Immortality, the Kathara Grid is the causal mechanism through which such effects can occur. Holistic healing approaches human health and healing in terms of the interdependent relationships between muffiple interwoven systems. Do you use erroneous excuses such as race, gender, creed, academic or economic status to justify disrespectful, exploitative or unkind treatment of others?