Consult Keston Boilers ‘s entire C45 C40P C55 C55P catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ 88, E, Main Control Box (C55/C55P/C45). , E, Control Panel. 73, E, Combustion Blower. , Gas Valve / Venturi Ass. (C45/C55). Keston C55, tips, tricks, advice and notes. READ THE DANGERS SECTION. The idea of this is so you get an idea of your boiler, so you know if your engineer is.

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KESTON C45 HEAT | Gas Appliance Spares | Boiler, Cooker & Fire Spares

Page 39 WD Chapter 5: If it plugs up, it will leak continuously. Page 33 WD Chapter 5: Optional Accessories Chapter 1: Boiler overheat — Check that any valves to the heating circuit have not been shut down, that there is no air in the system and that the water pressure is correct. Page 51 WD Chapter 8: The smarter way to find trustworthy krston engineers.

It is advisable to fit a locksheild valve on the cylinder return to enable balancing of the flow rate through the cylinder. For LP gas, carbon dioxide CO levels will be between 9. Condensate trap – the orange pipe on the bottom of x45 pic shows the pipe to the condensate trap – this is a common blockage spot Both 50mm flue outlet terminal and 50mm air inlet terminal are supplied and are illustrated in Figure 2.

  HCPL 0611 PDF

Page 35 WD Chapter 5: Open the catalog to page Page 38 WD Chapter 5: Don’t show me this message again. This is the underneath of the burner cover – it must be cleaned fully of old gasket before its put back TIP – to check if a burner gasket is leaking, spray leak detection fluid around the gasket when fan is running – but this only works when boiler is cold – as it warms up it WILL bubble – as the LDF kdston up – so test cold, be sure, then run.

Keston Boiler Error Codes.

All additional components are packed inside the boiler cabinet itself. Auto Air Vent 4.

Keston C45 Installation And Servicing Instructions

It lives in the top left hand corner, and if it goes its usualy due to a busted flue tube, or all the white heat exchanger insulation fallen off. Due consideration should therefore be given to access within the compartment for lifting and positioning.

Fan powered high efficiency modulating domestic condensing gas combination boiler 80 pages. Page 36 WD Chapter 5: Physical Data WD Chapter 1: Safety footwear and gloves are recommended PPE when lifting this appliance. Open the catalog to page 2.


This website uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. Kston 10 Keston Boilers Ltd declare that there are no substances harmful to health within the appliance or used during the production of the appliance.

It can be a bit tricky. Installation of the boiler is straightforward but consideration must be given to access to allow flue and air pipes to be pushed through walls and ceilings.

Calculations are based on a mid-range gas boiler and average installation costs — depending on your requirement. The heat will hide a lot of drips!

Need a new boiler?

The control buttons are a bit hidden – there are five buttons – either underneath the ‘Keston’ badge on the display board, or under the letters themselves. C40pC55C55p. I have, once, seen the fan shatter at the drive spigot – centre of shiny disk kestno you will know because it will make a horrible noise.

Keston C45 Manuals

It is essential that sludge or scale is removed from an existing system. List Of Contents 0. Get FREE no-obligation quotes now!