In the Wavestation EX, also called EXK-WS, was released (pictured above). The EX added Sending Sysex Files From PC To Korg Wavestation A/D. View and Download Korg Wavestation player’s manual online. Wavestation Electronic Keyboard pdf manual download. View and Download Korg Wavestation service manual online. Wavestation Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Lev6r det brugte batteri tilbago til leverand 0 ren. At this point we encourage you to set the books aside, dive in, and start editing. Structure You can change the Structure at any time. The EX added more waveforms 4MB including acoustic instruments and drums. Keyboard Slope may also be used to play nrdcrotonal scales.

With a two-oscillator structure, the mix of Waves A and C is displayed as wavestahion on a line. To use the Wavestation in a sequencer wavwstation where it needs to receive on a specific channel, you will need to set it to Poly mode and select the desired channel. Other Parameters For more information on Part parameters, please see following sections in the Reference Guide: And then there is the whole realm of effects modulation via the MDE processor.

This allows you to quickly set a basic timbre such as a pad to always sound, with other timbres such as attack transients being added to the basic sound when the keyboard is played harder.

Korg wavestation Service Manual

Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming. Vector Synthesis When the Patch structure is four oscillators, you can use Vector Synthesis to arrange for elegant dynamic timbre modulation as shown in FigureWhen the structure is two oscillators, one-dimensional dynamic mixing is still available. You can set loops over a sequence so that a range of steps plays kanual times, or plays continuously.

Since this page is at the top level, you will eventually return here. The current Performance is shown in large letters for easy reading at a distance. For more information, please see he Reference Guide.


For example, increasing the Velocity Envelope Amount makes the Patch increasingly sensitive to velocity. This is the approach we’ll take in these tours. There are four outputs 1 – 4which wavestationn to the back-panel jacks.


The Performance Select Map allows you to do just this. Thus, even with only one Patch, up to four of these wave “songs” can play simultaneously during a single note. However, a Patch can be made much more complex because each oscillator is in fact a complete synthesizer voice with its own filter, amplifier, two envelopes, and two LFOs. The product should be located away from heat sources such as manial, heat registers, or other products that produce heat.

This means that regardless of the length of their cycles, they will always restart at the same time oscillator A does. The actual modulation effect may combine vibrato, tremolo, chorusing, panning, and other expressive effects, as progranuned by a variety of Patch and Effects parameters. To find them, there is no substitute for good old-fashioned hands-on play and experimentation. On top of this, add multi-voice synthesis functions such as envelope and LFO modulation for each sequence.

Note that you can’t enter a Performance number larger than 49, since all performances are numbered 49 or less. The gate hold time is adjustable. Imagine a setup of several wavestahion synthesizers and samplers on a MIDI bus, each with their own characteristic sound.

Performances also control important parameters such as the keyboard mode single, split, or wavestqtion, with or without velocity-controlled mixingand a pair of effects settings. Since the ear is less pitch-sensitive in the bass KORG Wavestation Player’s Guide and treble ranges, most acoustic pianos and some electric pianos are actually stretch tuned.

Each wave has a unique timbre. To clear this problem, make sure all inconung cables are solidly connected, and adjust the Wavestation back into range by re-centering the external controller’s wheel.


If you have a single-oscillator Structure there can be no mixture, so the mix envelope screen is not available.

Crossover flanger uses phase-synchronous LFOs. When there are only 2 active Parts, the switch point defaults to Try using the exciter to increase high-end clarity. Second, the MDE programs all the routing associated with the effects. Now supfx se that you have created a multi-timbral sequence which plays these instruments and switches patches on fhem so quickly that perhaps 50 different sounds can be heard during one note.

Ved utskifting benyttes kun batteri som anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten. This sets the effects processing to either Parallel or Series mode. Zones are introduced in the next section. Nothing prevents you from choosing Wave Sequences for the oscillators, and applying Vector Synthesis over all four of jorg.

I’ve listened to a ton of sound samples of the EX and DX, Filter The Filter Macro sets a basic tone and may include modulation.

Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the enclosure through openings. In a Patch, each oscillator can have its own Wave Sequence. Pitch The Pitch Macros assign various modulations to the oscillator pitch.

The simplest answer is that Performances are the highest level of sound korb in the Wavestation. The Wavestation can play up to 32 keys simultaneously, depending on the current Performance.

The Wavestation is also capable of Multi-timbral output: Do not modify the plug provided with the product — if it does not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrteian. Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. The harder you play, the more layers are heard.