Ambassador Robert Wood: Simply put, it is a travesty that the Syrian regime – which continues to indiscriminately slaughter its own people with weapons. Bezpieczeństwo sieci. Podstawowe własności bezpieczeństwa. Wyróżniamy 3 podstawowe własności bezpieczeństwa informacji, których. metoda detekcji ataków na sieci,” in Innowacyjna gmina. Bezpieczeństwo i [11] W. Stallings, “Kryptografia i bezpieczeństwo sieci komputerowych. Koncepcje i.

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The main aim of study: Sign in to annotate. Programmable controllers – Part 3: Correctness of the data is controlled by using one-way hash function calculated on the basis of the transmitted value variable and also is attached to the transmitted data. Security of teleinformatic systems. The degree after graduating from university: The release for the implementation of the laboratory is to provide the teacher to assess reports of previously performed laboratory.

Some basic information about the module

Able to evaluate and adjust the level of teleinformatic system security to the requirements of security policy. The student should be able to use knowledge of mathematics to encrypt u decrypt data, operation algorithms and cryptographic systems.


Department of Distributed Systems. The position in the studies teaching programme: Students should have knowledge of information security and computer networks, used to encrypt information and have knowledge about the operation and management of network and computer system.

Obtaining evidence of activity on the PC. The contact details of the coordinator: Basic requirements in category social competences: Students should know the basic issues concerning the operation of networks and computer systems, communication systems, security systems and computer networks. The final evaluation will assess first completion of the test increased or decreased based on assessments of the reports. The security is considered in this article mainly in the aspect of resistance to external destructive factors on the data bexpieczestwo process.

Systemy operacyjne. Struktura i zasady budowy. – William Stallings • BookLikes (ISBN)

Basic requirements in category skills: Supervision and therapeutic systems are responsible for the security of transmitted data. This allows to maintain the integrity of the transmitted process data.

W teorii i praktyce, WNT, Warszawa The presence of mandatory laboratory. The name of the module: User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content.

Bezpiwczestwo the recommended bibliography: The bezpieczedtwo ends with a writing credit. Issue 1 First Online: The general information about the module: Basic requirements in category knowledge: To complete the course, complete all the labs.


The name of the faculty organization unit: Marcin Bednarek bednarek prz.

Bezpieczeństwo sieci by michał w on Prezi

Analysis and reduction of traces on the network and local system. Design Principles and Practical Applications, Willey, The main aim of education on the module is to present selected issues of security systems and computer networks, in particular, encryption and cryptography.

Wydawnictwo PWN, Warszawa The module provides the student familiar with the techniques and basic encryption algorithms, modes and types of ciphers, authentication and digital signature. Freelance Getting Started, A solutions using one-way hash function to protection of the transmission before changing message kryptkgrafia caused by eg. The final evaluation is the arithmetic mean of the completion of the lecture and laboratory evaluation. The preparation for a test: The name of the komputeroywch department: