A master of modern French literature, André Gide (–) explored the motivation and function of the will, self-cultivation, and individual conduct in. Sam Jordison: Gide’s novel remains subversive and threatening over years after its publication. But did anyone actually like it?. narcissism» in their analyses of Gidean texts.2 One récit in particular, L ‘ Immoraliste. (), has inspired a host of Freudian readings of its protagonist Michel.

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Soon after Michel and his wife, who is now pregnant, immoralistf back to Paris. For if my call seemed an urgent one, if I made you travel so far to find me, it was purely so that I might see you, and that you might listen to me.

If they did succeed in breaking conventions their effect was short-lived. With a imkoraliste like The Immoralistyou might expect something along the lines of Sade.

He is trying too ha This is a strange tale, almost a parable. Keep Exploring Britannica Voltaire. After learning that Alcide and a few of his workers were cheating him, he becomes enraged. I can only transpose my own interpretation on this cauldron of mess up. There were homosexual My second Gide book and I quite enjoyed it.

The Immoralist by André Gide

Marceline becomes pregnant and her pregnancy temporarily grounds Michel. And the problem is that it’s just a little bit sketchy, and has a lot of rough edges. As a tentative exploration of the possible base for some of society’s moral assumptions, it is a classic.


Retrieved from ” https: I found Michel to be a very interesting character, a bit weird in that he got married just to make his dying father happy. View all 22 comments.

Reading group: A slap in the face from André Gide’s The Immoralist

The title The Immoralist carries an implied question mark. The letter writer takes up again. And this is what makes the fibre so compelling: Can there be any atheist raised in a Christian country that does not understand this?

The young tender flesh was and is plentiful and all for sale at very reasonable prices, we understand. In other projects Wikiquote.

immoralists Is there a difference? I came immoralisge to regarding honesty itself as no more than restriction, convention, timidity. And how do we measure what is morally accepted or not, we use age old concept of majority, so the question of morality involves the ever existed tussle between our individual consciousness and our consciousness as a society.

It is not an accusation or an apology which Gide gives hint of, but an indescribable picture of what it gire the inexplicable curiosity. Selected Short Stories Dual-Language. Its more personal triumph lies in the successful avoidance of lyricism, of confused or angry self-justification, of special pleading-of all the evasions, in fact, to which autobiographical fiction is tempted. Without her patience and care, it is unlikely that Michel would have survived his illness.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. View all 4 comments.


I read it the first time 50 years ago or something like thatand it still is a classic. Michel was raised by both his mother and father until his mother’s death, when he was fifteen.

In working out a modus Vivendi that could accommodate both his marriage and his homosexual adventures, he called on the un-Nietzschean immoralkste very Gidean quality of compromise.

The Immoralist | work by Gide |

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Michel slowly recovers under his wife’s constant care and with a new found zeal for life after interacting with some of the local children. Retrieved December 21, from Encyclopedia. I am concerned about reading an acclaimed book in a bad edition He ultimately joins Alcide in poaching upon his own property.

That is all I require: Retrieved 22 September Published inlong post-marriage, Gide’s autobio novel except his fictional couple do screw, at least once startled friends who applauded his venture into uncharted terrain. Still, immorakiste in France he marries his cousin, who isn’t interested in sex.

We leave Michel as convoluted as ever. Yes, it probably killed his wife and bankrupted him, but he is free! Immoralidte this roman a clef, protagonist Michel commences asexual, evolved in his studies and if not exactly religious, than combobulated of religion.