La Bastida de les Alcusses – Monumentos en la Comunitat Valenciana – Spain. This is the most important Iberian settlement of those located in the Region of. LA BASTIDA DE LES ALCUSSES In the middle of Terres dels Alforins, at about meters avobe the sea level, there is located the Iberian settlement of “La. Fabbrica della Conoscenza numero 46 Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine Gambardella Fabbrica della Conoscenza Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: It is put up for visits and has an interesting offer of didactic workshops. The essential economic activity was agriculture and farming. One of the inscribed lead plaques found on the site is inscribed with a list of names, with different quantities written beside each name and many of the names crossed out.

The conservation level of the structures is very good since there is no overlap with buildings from other time periods, and the wall itself has contained and sealed the artefacts of the occupancy in the interior.

It is located in the central route aligned with the view of the consolidated house 1 which it represents. Bzstida on the tracking data which has been recorded, an average of annual visitors has been estimated in recent years, which have been enhanced by regular and original educational activities such as the aforementioned visit workdays which were attended by persons in a single weekend. Rasqueta, pales i som-hi! The site has a guide service as well as information panels for self-guided visits.

Log In Bastira Up. Specifically, the installation of the handrail has contributed to the enhanced experience of the zone’s landscape by creating two scenic viewpoints which today represent two small visitor rest and observation areas. The Iberian Settlement of Bastida de les Alcusses: Four campaigns were carried out between and The main criteria has been a deep respect for the valuable landscape of the settlement in its particular site and the protection of the heritage of these ruins with minimal invasive interventions.

These has been again alcsuses and selected for the oral session and publication, or only for the publication in the conference proceedings.

These elements are reproduced with different texture and reliefs which are accordingly depicted in a legend which permits blind persons to previously identify them for their subsequent discrimination. The principal crops were a,cusses cereals barley, wheat and millet as well as legumes broad beans and peas.


The current fruit tree cultivation in the plain have transformed many plots, but it is still possible to observe a landscape, essentially characterised by the traditional rhythm of agricultural labours with hardly any modern buildings.

La Bastida de les Alcusses – Wikipedia

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The site is open from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm winter months or from 4pm to 8pm summer monthsTuesday to Sunday. Weights and balances have been found, doubtless used in commercial transactions and perhaps related to the small silver and bronze ingots also found at the site. The site is a major reference for the study of Iberian culture and an exceptional case to learn about this type of settlements due to various reasons: They have been installed in strategic locations in the current visit conditions, which include the planimetry location data and descriptive texts in relief and Braille.

Revista Sobre Ceguera y Deficiencia Visual, 28pp The gatehouses all contain internal benches, possibly guard posts or spaces for controlling the passage of goods. The gates provide access to the streets with variable widths, however they did permit road traffic, above all designed to channel the surplus crops and commercial goods. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For more information please consult our cookies policy.

This has required monitoring the experimental and participative research process focused on users with visual disability, with the aim to determine their formal volumetric features and textures. Site Boundary elements in different applications. It is put up for visits and has an interesting offer of didactic workshops.

The walls would have then been whitewashed and sometimes even painted. If you continue to browse, we consider that you are accepting its use. Tactile Scale-model of the entire Archaeological Settlement. The soil removed in this process was used to fill in the gaps in several points of the visitor route, thus improving the ground conditions.

The organisation of the buildings has been structured along a central street which crosses the entire settlement and several perimeter roads next to the wall sections. These intense campaigns discovered an important part of its urban structure and also provided important findings of moveable nature, where we emphasise small sheet leads with Iberian writings and, specially, a little bronze figure that has passed on to posterity as the Warrior of Moixent.


La Bastida de les Alcusses

Its strategic location favoured the interchange of raw materials and manufactured goods by prestigious projects, such as Greek ceramics. From its urban physiognomy we emphasise a series of houses grouped in blocks and arranged in both sides of a long street.

The Editatona contributes to increase the visibility of female archaeologists. Other nearby perpendicular streets organise lateral areas and spaces without buildings laid out as squares. Vastida settlement’s overall scale-model has been alcksses with a composition which includes different scales and forms of symbolic and figurative presentation of the multiple elements which comprise this landscape at the present time; nature, paths, buildings, ruins, ,a.

Commons category link is on Wikidata Coordinates on Wikidata. It is strategically located at the intersection of two natural routes of major historical significance from the interior to the coastland.

Master’s Degree in Archeology. In addition, the itinerary conditions in this wild natural setting make it necessary to develop resources which provide an architectural interpretation lacusses in an overall sense, define the meaning of the visit. Wikimedia Commons has media related to La Bastida de les Alcusses.

Maquetas accesibles a las personas con discapacidad visual. The site has been consolidated and even one of its houses has been entirely rebuilt. It is an upland site located on a ridge in the Serra Grossa mountains at meters above the sea level. This scale-model displayed the perimeter wall in the consolidated section and in the ruined section with their entry doors, their main traffic roads, the wooded ka in which it was built, the general layout of the settlement, differentiating the consolidated areas, the archaeological remains areas and the unexcavated zones of the settlement.

And thirdly, a spacious zone of the site approximately one third was the object of an extensive excavation between and with a meticulous inspection method which lse exemplary for that age. Several of the lx considerations that were raised and solved in this site boundary include: If you continue to browse, we consider that you are accepting its use.

Some wild species were also hunted, included rabbits, hares, deer, mountain goats and wild boar.