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Femora and tibiae from the early part of the Sebasyiano Paleolithic EUP exhibit thick and oval cortical shapes, while later ones LUP show decreased thickness and more circular crosssections.

Promostudio International Consultants – Sebastiano ZANOLLI

Michele Marsonet, del direttore di dipartimento prof. These cliffs were playing the role of a monumental way between terrestrial live and the forever cosmic areas, just like our nowadays temples or cathedrals do. Immediately after the WWII, mainly thanks to the sensational discoveries of the Genovese and the Addaura caves Graziosi ; Bovio Marconia growing interest swbastiano the forthcoming researches and granted to Sicily a special place in the field of prehistoric art studies Leroi-Gourhan We believe in a strong and loyal relationship with our customers which brings returned business year on year.

Fieldworks excavations, dating and further studies unpublished material are already in progress to enlighten the zanollj.

Il Paleolitico e il Mesolitico in Italia: nuove ricerche e prospettive di studio

View from the southwest of the site during excavation. Laying down burials inside a cave implies a movement of coming back to the dark and powerful origins of life itself. After a ten-year hiatus, gfande excavations began in at Riparo Bombrini Ventimiglia, Imperia and, that same year, a field project focused on another site Arma Veirana Erli, Savona fig.

In Italy, for instance, many Mesolithic and Upper Paleolithic sites include mountainous and rugged terrain. Detail zanopli of an ibex skull with horns found in the pit 3.

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The entire sequence was then refitted also in a virtual space using an open source software, that contributed to a better technical and morpho-metrical investigation of the present as well as the absent artifacts. Moreover another important methodological result was achieved: High to Low Avg. Chi ce la fa a dire a mogli, mariti, figli, genitori e amici: Depending on the model, the d-Colour range can delivered at 22ppm, 28ppm, 36ppm, 45ppm and 55ppm respectively.


The excavated stratigraphic succession starts, at the base, with an anthropic level containing numerous stone tools, a fair number of bone tools, and many faunal and floral remains. The combination of planning the subsistence strategy and flexibility in the use of raw materials is becoming part of our understanding of Neanderthal behavior, characterized by a fragmentation of stone working in space, time and social dimensions and a planned and complex organization, until recently considered as distinctive to modern Homo sapiens.

It is almost exclusively znolli on the hunting of medium-large herbivores. Nevertheless, recent studies strongly suggest that the real innovation is antler working, as bone working has been found to be sebasriano in the Mousterian and the Early Upper Palaeolithic.

Thin layers of well-sorted fine sand also occur. The osseous industry has recurrently been cited as a major innovation signaling the transition from Middle to Early Upper Palaeolithic.

The presence of lacustrine deposits at the bottom of the stratigraphic succession, related to the Atella paleolake, and of several volcanic layers in the upper part of the sequence, belonging to the Vulture Mt.

Reperti litici del Paleolitico medio,quaderni della Soprintendenza Archeologica del Piemonte 28. Graned this layer, 10 aligned hearths were found which divide up the site into areas devoted to different activities.

High Quality output comes as standard on the d-Colour range to produce immaculate print and scan documents with ease. These spots eebastiano black zoomorphic designs in Sector A. Currently no elements coming from handaxes or LTC reduction diffeerenza were found.

In taphonomic studies, 3D microscopy showed encouraging results to detect the different origin of marks on bone surfaces, allowing us to distinguish between grooves inflicted by stone tools and those obtained by metal tools Bello, Soligo ; Sebaztiano, Crezzini The valley is deeply incised by a small stream in its northern part. This report is different from those made by Cristiani Cristiani et alii for Gaban, and by Gibaja for Cocina Garcia Puchol et aliiwhere there are systematically asymmetrical trapezes used as points or side barbs.

Here we present data coming from the application of use wear analysis and its integration with the technological and techno-morphofunctional analysis on the lithic assemblages of three Middle Pleistocene sites of the Differensa Peninsula: The Executive Committee therefore recently decided to adda new series of meetings to the traditional Scientific Meetings of the Institute – which will continue to be organised yearly according to the same regular schedule.


In particular, many of these artifacts were associated with medieval and modern materials, and had been recovered as siliceous raw material in historical times to be used grandee flints for fire-strikers.

This makes Paglicci the source of invaluable knowledge concerning the evolution of the ancient Homo sapiens populations of Europe. Specific kinetics were needed: Turquoise Sources and Source Analysis: Learn more at Author Central. After an accurate selection of more than ochre fragments carried out under a stereomicroscope and documentation at the adequate scale, the analytical research included the mineralogical and textural analysis with Polarizing Light Microscopy PLM on thin sections supported by X-Ray Powder Diffraction XRPD.

Laboratory results show that most units are composed of poorlysorted silty-sand sediment.

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Epigravettian-tradition microlithic facies from Grotta di Cala Mancina layers 2 3 ; middle rows: Gli autori dei contributi sono oltre e includono studiosi europei e d oltreoceano, tutti coinvolti in progetti mirati allo studio di contesti archeologici italiani. This evidence, moreover, suggests the hypothesis of a complex ritual activity that involved a large part of the living space, including grands the entrance area of the shelter.

While its improved comprehension went through the study and mental refitting of well-known archaeological collections, we think that its technoproductive variability should be tested thanks to the analysis of real multiple refittings which, however, are very rare in the European Palaeolithic record of Discoid tradition. We have calculated a frequentation index IF: Chamois, accompanied by ibex and red deer, dominates the fauna, while substantial fish Salmo trutta exploitation also occurs in the uppermost Lateglacial layers.

In blue the cortical portion of the shaft, in green the medullary portion. Among the finds, however, there is a significant presence of portable art and objects Fig.