Pedagogy: AUDITION PREPARATION FOR OBOE- La Scala di Seta. Dr. Shen Wang Chair of the Wind Department, Renmin University of China School of Art. “La Scala di seta oboe audition excerpt”. Newest Episode: -east +Are+You+Waiting+For_+%5BPSP+43%5D. mp3. Here are some small tips that I hope will help you study “La scala di seta” by Rossini. I leave you my version, which I played when I was oboe.

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December 23, – 5: Take Care of Yourself, But Crush Unfortunately this only has the effect of making Blansac more determined, and more confident of success.

This can achieve practicing the fast technical passages with as much slurring as possible so that the fingering challenge is being isolated and addressed without the interference of the tonguing actions. I hope all these tips will help you.

Oboe: Rossini: Overture to La Scala di Seta (m 6 until [3]) – Orchestra Excerpts

Views Read Edit View history. Thankyou for this clear explanation of your method. He can only assume that it is with Blansac, and decides to hide once more and see what happens.

Portrait of the composer. Ci Symphony Orchestra George Szell: Articles with Italian-language external links. Phil Picks an Audition Her questioning deceives all of the men listening into thinking that she is genuinely interested in Blansac.


We will start working with all legato as shown in the example, increasing the speed progressively as we progress. La scala di seta Farsa comica by Gioachino Rossini Portrait of the composer.

There is general surprise and joyful amazement when it is Dorvil who climbs into the bedroom, followed closely by his friend who is intent on using the silken ladder to further his wooing, not of Giulia, but Lucilla.

Giulia decides to probe Blansac to see if he would make a good and faithful husband for her cousin. Some versions have you playing it with the flute another with the piccolo.

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Your email address will not be published. September 24, – 3: Seeing the way that everything has turned out for the best, he quickly forgives the couples for their underhand behavior and all ends swta general rejoicing.

This method requires the player to work on the difficult section multiple times in succession. One thing I would like to see is the edition that you used because I have seen several different editions with different printed articulations. Here are some rhythmic examples that you can apply to both fingering and articulation exercises.


La Scala di seta oboe audition excerpt – Orchestra Excerpts

House of Opera Cat: Thank you, a very good contribution to my oboe lessons! The methodology of technical preparation for oboe auditions will be approached from four aspects: August 21, – As in the study of fingering, in the articulation we will always use the metronome and also different rhythms. Scla will first put our attention on the fingering and for the moment we forget the articulation.

Soon I will write another post about how to study double tongue for students who start in it. Joseph Robinson, principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic, suggests that the use of a metronome is critical to maintain an excellent level of preparation. The overture has been frequently recorded and continues to be featured in the modern concert repertoire. October 26, – 8: The first method of practicing the La Scala di Seta excerpt is to change rhythms, keeping the quarter-notes as they are, and changing every other eighth note into a dotted-eighth note, Example 2.