By Laura London, aka Sharon and Tom Curtis, , Historical When it was first released in , The Windflower was a revelation to me – a. For years, scarce copies of Laura London’s romance The Windflower were treasured by readers. Reviewer Sarah Wendell hails its. The Windflower By Laura London – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Did you like it? Pirates, probably, liked to air dry.

Devon Crandall believes Merry is in league with his greatest enemy. But that gives Cat, especially, more page time–which is a good thing. Those who do widflower like Kathleen Woodiwiss and in particular The Flame windfllower the Flower need not continue here. Now there were quite a few that I loved but I want to mention them. And did I mention fuchsia?

There is zero grovelling and Merry pretty much forgives and marries Devon on the spot no seriously, there’s a priest and everything and they literally marry an instant later. It’s a ride I love every single time. So I realize that this novel is immensely popular, and that it stands out among other earlier Romantic works as the Windlower Bitches say- Old Skool.

Devon and Rand, are brothers but were never able to be raised together. Find windfkower more about OverDrive accounts. One earlier review described Merry as a “marshmallow,” which is incredibly apt.


Then we have Raven. I was waiting for the kaleidoscope of bright rainbow colored hues but thankfully, one of the two writers must have convinced their partner to stop on the edge of the Purple Precipice.


She did better than I probably would’ve, to be honest! I can only add my voice to the chorus requesting a sequel. It’s a combination of a gasp and a sigh, usually followed by a quietly reverent, “Ah, I love that book. Windflwer seriously, if you have a thing for an alpha male British guy?

Return Of A Classic Romance: ‘The Windflower’ Sails Again : NPR

Over and over and over again. If you know the book, you know that’s the first line.

I had no problems with the poetic language of the novel, nor the story itself. I was skimming, and once the action picked up again for the final wrap-up and another round of Merry-can’t-stay-put, I was so bored I skimmed a lot more.

I think what I found most intriguing about them, was seeing lauea journey.

Earls Just Want to Have Fun. I also like that, though her attempts always seem to go wrong, she never gives up on standing up for herself, whether by trying to escape, confronting the hero with an ancient harpoon wrenched off a wall, or refusing to be cowed by the group of foul-mouthed, dangerous men she’s surrounded by. Drawing, painting, spending time in the gardens and when she can sneak out with her brother, drawing images of traitors and British spies in order to aid her brother’s cause.


My Favorite Merry Moments from ‘The Windflower’ | Kirkus Reviews

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. I cannot adequately describe the extent of the love-hate relationship have with this book. There’s also all sorts of talk about how she’s lucky they’re not just raping her left and right, and it’s strongly implied that most of her new pirate friends love to rape women—they’re just leaving her alone because they like windflowdr and because she “belongs” to the hero.

But there were times when I really just wanted to see the story move along, and I was impatient with the rambling, if nicely worded, storytelling.

There’s Cat, a sexually ambiguous young man who serves on the ship. I never did figure out how I felt about him but he always either pissed me off or entertained me.

Catch a Falling Heiress. Oh, The Windflower, you crazy, delightful book. I love pirate ships and tales from the high seas. It all ends up with Devon windfloewr himself to her anyway.