Free Pascal / Lazarus: SQLite Database Tutorials: Reports with LazReport. Free Pascal Lazarus Project – Sync’ed with Lazarus SubVersion trunk every 15 minutes – alrieckert/lazarus. jesus LazReport, two additional export filters – TfrImageExportFilter, TfrH tutorials/stringgrid ยท LazReport, added stringgrid/variables tutorial from German.

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A Picture editor shows up:. ShowReport; end ; Note: Though it is probably not needed much, LazReport allows you to define your own functions. Behind the scenes, a project dependency on the Printer4Lazarus packages will be added by the IDE, so make sure that package is installed.

To do this, open the report editor and select the File menu and the Variable List. Other formatting options are present on the button bar below the menu e. TStream ; var GraphExt: To differentiate the two, the variables start with a space.

We added a second band of the type “Master data”. Var Par1Par2: LazReport lets you link variable names to database fields or system values, in order to spare your end users from having to decipher cryptic field names.

This page started as a translation of the Portuguese language Tutorial de LazReport which itself appears to be a translation from a French document. Tutoial special text export filter produces valid “HTML 4.

Now let’s write the code required to load and view or edit our report. This export filter tries to make a text representation of a graphical report by fitting the original graphical coordinates into a more coarse grid gutorial each unit is of “UsedFont” pixels, depending on the value of UsedFont value, the exported output may more or less represent the layout of objects in graphical report.


On the the second, system date and time need to be added. Personal tools Create account Log in. The familiar text editor appears.

By default, Lazarus DBImage is more flexible and stores the file extension before the image data, allowing different file formats to be used. It uses a visual designer tutoorial create banded lazreoort and includes a report engine with previewer and an interpreter to run user scripts.

To show the format editor, double click on a rectangle to get the Text Editor, then click the Format button. This shows you can perform calculations with fields coming from the data source.

To this add the following code to the project:. Strings [ FNo ] ; end ; Val: In our application, we show a report by clicking btnReport: ShowReport ; end ; TForm1. You can double-click later on the band if you want to change the data source. Alphanumeric type tutorrial should be limited by a character.

The report designer can be invoked at runtime.

LazReport has the ability to save the report displayed in the preview window using a user-defined format. If you want to include the total number of pages with the page number on each page, you need to select Two-pass report which tells Lazreport to build the report twice, inserting total number of pages on the second run.

  GOST 12820 PDF

SQLite Database Tutorial: Report generator

TObject ; begin frReport1. The only difference is that you will not select a value field, but leave None the default value: To this band, reactangles were added for the various fields that we want to display. Are these names ok? Highlighting is very useful for emphasizing data. For lzreport report, the following components were added: DesignReport ; end.

Currently it defines only one additional property. Retrieved from ” lazrepot Do this for all variables; the screenshot shows the link for Hire date:. ChangePrinter indPrinter.

Lazarus: Reports with LazReport

They are obtained by clicking Variable and then Category Lazreporhthen double-click on the desired variable once you are familiar with the variables, you can also just type them. This turns the picture into an object associated with the data field. Click below to open the editor:. Choose desired margins, number of columns, and lazteport space between them, layout order etc.

Also, don’t we need to add a rectangle somewhere and show variable test1?

The LazReport components are not installed by default, they don’t appear on the toolbar right after the installation of Lazarus.