The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is a manga book written by Akira Himekawa and published in early in Japan. This manga chronicles the adventures. This is the official manga for The Minish Cap. It is written and illustrated by Akira Himekawa, the same artist who made many of the other Zelda mangas. A clever, adorable little one-volume manga based off of the game. .. The Minish Cap is part of The Legend of Zelda series, in which Link inherits the titular.

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JavaScript is required to view this site. Zelda then begins to cry and upon changing his mind, the duo set off into the castle town where the celebrations take place.

After hearing these bad news, Link is in an upset mood and goes into the woods to let out his frustration and anger by cutting trees until he saw a person who shows him how to cut lots of trees using magic. Again Link is off to risk his life for his friend. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Breath of the Wild does look pretty fun.

Using the power of the cap, Vaati transforms himself, and then curses Ezlo into the shape of a cap. While Link is in this forest he runs across a strange bird hat creature that is being attacked by some Octoroks.

Jan 05, Tarra rated it really liked it. It’s just the nature of graphic novels, though. To view it, click here. Being Legend of Zelda lover myself, I loved rereading this to get my book count up for the year. manha

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To save his friend, Link needs the power of the Picori Blade, but only a certain master swordsmith can reforge it. Jan 01, Nathan rated it really liked it. The last and most important thing about Picori is that they can only be seen by children.


Don’t Miss Book Review: Other books in the series. The artwork in this one is super and just my style. With his new found ability, Link zips through the sky, causing the Gyorgs to become dizzy. The transition from game to manga was excellent. They are greeted by Festari who guides them to a cask and feeds leyend a Jabber Nut.

After thanking Festari and the other Picori for their help, they are taken back to the village where they learn Festari’s obsession with Hyruleans. With the evil spirits’ seal now broken, the king of Hyrule suggests they have the Picori to reforge the sword, which Link volunteers to carry out. Like the video game, the book has the main characters, Zelda and Link. The dazed and confused creature begins crashing against the walls, causing the cavern to cave in.

Whilst being brief, this is ideal for younger readers to get into manga, whilst fans of The Legend of Legen video games will enjoy condensing the epic quality of those games into these manga volumes.

As Link begins to fall off the surface of clouds, the magic feather Librari gave them transforms into a pair of wingsallowing Link complete freedom to move when in the sky. The sound of Link while swinging his sword written down in this story.

After a long day of traveling, Vaati is lgeend by the local Picori that Korekore doesn’t grow on the mountains at all. Although the temples bothered me, I think that it was still well done, because I know that not everything can be included. Not to mention the whole inheritance of Force thing. Ezlo confesses that the reason he wanted Vaati to house a strong spirit is because he accidentally erased all of Vaati’s saved games on his Gameboy, and didn’t want Vaati to be too upset with him.


He happily takes them to see Librari who is working on his memoirs. Ezlo mentions that the man could very well be a member of the Wind Tribe and advises Link to follow the man’s advice. The King then glares at Minister Potho with an evil gleam in his eye.

The Legend of Zelda: They ravaged the land and burned the towns to the ground. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Zelda, #8) by Akira Himekawa

Jinish because Link turns small doesn’t mean the adventure begins there!! There are three types of Picori, Town, Forest, and Mountain.

Here is a quick comparison: Vap artwork was still lovely in black and white, but the colored pages were just more fun. Open Preview See a Problem? I have played this game and became emotionally connected with it through the story and game itself.

He is portrayed as a boy learning the art of swordsmanship under a sword guru, the Tesshin Dojo. Zeldq save his friend, Link needs the power of the Picori Blade, but only a certa On the day of the Picori Festival, Link and Princess Zelda go to watch the sword-fighting tournament. I’ve never read a manga either although i know about Legend of Zelda- a little.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Ezlo snaps, claiming he couldn’t care less about his curse, and that all he cares about is stopping Vaati’s scheme. Once all secrets are out, Link decides it is time to find the last element.

During this bonus chapter, Vaati is on his way to visit Ezlo, in hopes of becoming his apprentice. Views Read View source View minsh.