LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Villa Savoye set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Villa Savoye. Set number: ; Name: Villa Savoye; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Model making; Theme: Architecture.

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Instructions For LEGO 21014 Villa Savoye

Earth green 1×1 bricks are also welcome, and surprisingly not used as trees in this Architecture set. I’ve seen a few MOCs that really look great. Much of the weight of the box is caused by the hefty gramme instruction book.

Note also the lack of windows on the right-hand side, which allow movement of air onto the terraced area. This is about the whole experience: Opening the quality card of the front cover, we are greeted with a contents page, followed by some twenty pages of introduction, containing a guide to the house and its architectural significance, its history and vital statistics, and a biography of the architect, all with exhaustive commentary in both English and French:.

Are they visible at all once the build is complete or are they just a little easter egg to discover as you’re building the set? The right-hand end should perhaps be more circular, which could be achieved with macaroni piecesbut this would make it difficult to achieve a level instructkons.

Note here the 2×2 tile next to the 2×2 inverted slope the inclusion of which I can’t really explainand the 1×1 round brick just to the rear. And for the record, I don’t particularly care for Le Corbusier or most of the International Style either, but like you I figure I’ll still get the set anyway.


LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Anything that isn’t tiled here will be covered up One is the ‘floppy’ 1×12 plate I mentioned, which should connect at its far end to the ground floor, provided you remember specifically to push down on that one spot; the other is the 4×12 plate at the front-right of the base, which despite having three layers of plates above it, is still only connected at front and rear, and can come loose if you pick the model up by the front right corner.

AND you have done a great review! Build a LEGO brick model of this famous modernist-style country house residence! With a good selection of dark green parts, this might be useful as a parts pack; however, the majority are common pieces and the inflated price of the Architecture line reduces its appeal for parts alone.

Rufus bought the set this morning at my local lego store. Posted September 1, These things get everywhere.

Otherwise, the parts selection is good for quantity rather than rarity, although the two white 8×16 plates surprisingly only occur in two other sets not counting a DACTA set. And you can see another problem, which seems to plague the larger Architecture sets: The ground floor gets just a instrucctions lost, even with its expanse of window either side of the doors; however, I think this might have been purposeful on the part of the architect.

LEGO Villa Savoye Set 21014 Instructions Viewer

The technique for attaching the pilotis is interesting, as is the SNOT roof instruxtions, but otherwise it’s nothing strenuous.


More pictures on my flick r. This review copy got a little crushed in transit, but coming direct from Billund it hadn’t been afforded the usual protection of your average Shop Home purchase.

inshructions Presumably these are used to give the appearance of flagstones. The insrtuctions of why not choose another building vs. From the front, we can see how much the upper floor overhangs the lower, and there’s a delightful symmetry in the colonade of pillars flanking each side: Straight away, we get to see how the incongruous red and blue plates are used.

Register a new account. The only other contemporary set they appear in is Sungnyemun. I’m sure if I had it would have been front paged!

And it will svaoye nice together with all the rest models in the series. And all the info included about the house is just wonderful. I appreciate that Lego offers various models and makes their fans discover existing buildings.

Of course I wished it but never thought this might become real! At this angle, the pilotis look a little wonky; this would be solved by pushing them up slightly so they sit in the recesses of the plates above instructipns hence my earlier advice. It’s a far less surprising choice if you think of it as a Le Corbusier building, rather than a Paris building, if that makes sense.