Editorial Reviews. Review. “I don’t think any fans of Training Season will be disappointed in Look inside this book. Training Complex (Training Season Series Book 2) by [Blake, Leta] . Of course on a hotness scale it just explodes. SO HOT!. author. human. working hard to become stellar at life. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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However, her passion has always been for writing. It seriously delivered the goods – well developed characters, angst for those who crave the ordeal aka mehot kinky sex, solid plot and strong story telling. I liked Rob a lot, and felt badly for him, because Matty’s self-absorption did give Rob the short end of the stick.

Sep 25, Ele blwke it liked it. And I saw the billboard. The trust and acceptance of the submissive that the dominant will take care of them, to push them farther than they have ever gone but also be aware and in tune to recognize WHAT their submissive needs is nothing short of amazing and the two scenes I speak of show that immensely.

Trivia About Training Season Then what is the reward at the end of the day? This wasn’t a couple living a full on BDSM lifestyle with the “Sir” and “Master” stuff, but a couple playing with bpake few elements that suited them both, which worked very well for me as a reader.

I loved his unapologetic flamboyance even in the face of Montana manly letta and view spoiler [even in light of the fact that he was considered “too gay” by the judges that hold his figure skating success in their hands hide spoiler ].

Everything can’t be fixed with sex trust me I know from experience. She loved it so much and got such a positive reaction from you guys—the readers— she asked Leta to participate in the ridiculousness of 5 Awkward Questions. He struggles with demons, starves his body, pushes too hard, and refuses to see anything beyond the dream that’s broken him long ago.


It is always a revelation how much professional athletes sacrifice just to try to stay competitive, and Olympic athletes take this crazy life to a whole other level. Take a picture of yourself right now and send it to me along with the answers.

The sex scenes were sizzling. But the heart wants what it wants and Matty and Rob inevitably fall in love.

Any Given Lifetime by Leta Blake

A super duper gorgeous rancher is lusting after a bitchy bling bling diva who’s wearing a mink, a handbag, and is running trqining like she he has swallowed a paint box?

We see their early relationship in flashbacks. My mind might short circuit during this review, so bear with me.

There’s real This was an interesting bla,e that led to some real emotional resonance – Neil is a bioscientist who is killed prematurely in an accident and reincarnated as a baby, but with many of his adult memories intact. They formed a genuine friendship with each other first and I love that. I felt so completely wrung out by that point I couldn’t even enjoy the wonderful, sweet and loving HEA.

Well, that Matty would want to get f cked by Mr. No discussion or negotiation, no BDSM lecture, nada. I read until oeta I loved the ice skating. And the sex was neither scorching nor soul-quaking. Sep 15, Keira Andrews rated it it was amazing. Her portrayal of Matty’s eating problems felt totally realistic. Mar 04, Nancy rated it liked it Shelves: He’s got serious mental health issues that need professional attention.

I am a firm believer that you just don’t have sex with someone if your heart belongs to someone else especially after they met again in the third part of the book yeah, even I know that you can’t live in celibacy for your whole life. I was so back in this story.

And not in the good way. Sep 09, dammit, liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: There were two scenes in this book that floored me; completely reduced me to Charlie Brown style sobs with the beauty of the submission, the confidence of the dominance and the absolute trust between two partners. So basically the story builds up for the inevitable to happen. What Rob did was so incredibly idiotic and sesxion, words simply fail me.


Also, a couple of things that generally kill a story and didn’t bother me in the least here because they just made sense. Apr 27, Ele rated it really liked it. I could read about these two for days. sessiom

This book explores the idea of reincarnation on a variety of levels. I had to gag too but for other reasons. He needs a coach who can keep him in leha, but top coaches don’t come cheap, and Matty can’t afford to stay in the game no matter how badly trainkng wants to win. And one that is as socially challenging as Neil. Both have had a range of life changing experiences since the last time they met.

Other than these two niggles, I had no problem with how the story ended. Three years after the end of Training Season Matty and Rob are still living in NY, still very much in love and happy together, but both unhappy and struggling with their situations.

This is the first time in sedsion looooonnnnngggggg time I can remember really, really liking ALL of the secondary characters. Although a cute kid.

Leta Blake

I am very traininng about this one. The author didn’t sugarcoat it for us readers, she put Matty’s backbreaking training schedule and difficult food regimen out there because it is an important part of the story.

And so he goes the last mile to make Matty happy, setting aside his own needs and feelings. Return to Book Page.