such as LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines .. In accordance with the Ley sobre Sociedades Anónimas No. 18, 26, , , Items 1 – 6 the financial and insurance system, overseas, located in Peru, in case of is not applicable for the obligations constituted in favor of a. of time before the inventory required by law 26, is finished and both projects are cautelares-que-frenaban-la-aplicacion-de-la-Ley-de-Glaciares/ . the case of Barrick Gold Corporation enLatinoamérica (Chile, Peru and.

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Inthe Chilean Congress set aside a long-standing initiative started in to abolish the Copper Reserve Law. The bonds will be fungible and trade as a single series with the currently outstanding 5.

We will make payments of principal and interest in respect of the bonds without withholding or deduction for or on account of any present or future Peruvian taxes, duties, assessments or governmental charges of whatever nature except as required by law. Consequently, the Company and the Unions signed new contracts with a three year term, expiring on October 31, The underwriters perj offering the bonds subject to various conditions. The Company evaluates the recoverability of its long-lived assets other than intangibles and deferred tax assets in accordance with Technical Bulletin No.

The NYSE listing standards require that listed companies per and disclose a pey of business conduct and ethics for directors, officers and employees, and promptly disclose any waivers of the code for directors or executive officers. The Company has significant intangible assets related to goodwill.


Impairment, if any, is recognized in the respective period to the extent the carrying amount of an asset exceeds the fair value of such asset. Global Bonds Due There were no impairments or reversals of impairments recorded from to The balance of payments is composed of:.

After the printing process, additional laminates and any perru necessary layers are attached using adhesives between layers. You should rely only on the information provided or incorporated by reference in this prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus, which should be read together.

ley 26639 peru pdf

At the end ofthe Company completed the implementation of its new PVC profiles subsidiary, enhancing its mix of products and allowing it to offer PVC window, door and profiles and systems to its customers. These include regulations to ensure sanitary and safe conditions in manufacturing plants.

Liquidity and Credit Aggregates. Each shareholder is entitled to one vote per share.

Dividends are paid to all of the shareholders of record on the fifth business day including Saturday before the date set for payment of the dividend. By policy, the Company does not enter into such contracts for trading purposes or for the purpose of speculation.

Consolidated Statements and Other Financial Information. Although demand has been effectively concentrated in the hands of a few key players, the Chilean industry has, in many cases, been able to maintain its market share or, in some cases, even increase it. However, the Company can access other sources when price and delivery terms are more favorable. A total of 53 employees were represented by two unions.


ley peru pdf – PDF Files

Inthe Company continued with the marketing strategy described above, giving special attention to its branded systems 2663 the purpose of increasing substitution of non branded systems.

Petroleum products for industrial and residential use are supplemented with imports. The Company believes that this product substitution effect will not decline. Indalum has approximately 50 active aluminum profile customers, five of which are its national distributors. Inthe Company began the production and commercialization peur PVC profiles. Between andpetroleum production decreased due to a natural depletion of petroleum resources in existing fields.

Marcelo Carugo born There is one other significant participant in the flexible packaging market with rotogravure printing capabilities: Price-level restatement losses also result from holding monetary assets in excess of monetary liabilities during inflationary periods, or from holding foreign exchange-denominated liabilities in excess of foreign exchange-denominated assets during periods of devaluation of the Chilean peso versus the U.

The economies to which Madeco exports the products it manufactures are also lye by social and political changes. The following table sets forth the divisions within each business unit as well as the countries where Madeco maintains operations for each respective business: There can be no assurance that the countries where the Company has operations or interests will maintain their current currency exchange policies.