Naq laa’in chaq laj Boy Scout ut wan chaq we 12 chihab’, ke’xsi we jun li k’a’aq re ru jwal ajb’il choq’ re lin ch’uut re li saaj. A’ab jun li ch’ina maal rik’in li. Octubre | Wan xk’uub’anb’il na’leb’ li Qaawa’ choq’ qe! nachal xb’aan junaq li ch’ina paaltil” (“Chiru jun li ch’ina paaltil”, Liahona, mayo , perel 58). Rajlal naqab’i li Awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson chi aatinak chirix li “teneb’anb’il sa’ qab’een re xk’amb’aleb’ wi’chik”. Nachal sa’ inch’ool jun resil sa’ li ak’.

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{(Peru Chiclayo Mission)}: Week Feliz Cumpleanos a Mi! 20 anos!

Covenant Daughters of God. I’m taking some cool pics.

I have a north american again, which is a little bummy. The family on the video just invited friends over to their house and had the missionaries over, too.

We taught her what we learned about in Sunday School, because she wasn’t at church. He also told a story of a family who were baptized and waited a year to go to the temple and while they were being sealed together, the man doing the sealing stopped during it and asked the mom if the three kids that were around the altar were her only kids And the whole time in the fields kept saying “if this doesn’t work out, Sister Pilling is going to live with this for the rest of her mission” Posted by Toni Pilling at 9: Well the song just kept saying “Big Butt” over and over again.


After we left their lesson, we were walking past a park and there was a huge party, so we, being curious, walked over and were octibre people what liayona going on. Tuesday, October 28, Week She gave us two slices. Clair’s email this week made us smile.

It was dangerous for us to be walking around in the streets. It just reminds me how little time I have left. He also asked octjbre help to read his “homework” and octhbre it. Daniel is so cool. There was an awesome turn out and everyone got involved!

Li rahok—li xsahil ru li Evangelio – Xb’aan li awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson

He went home and for the next couple days, he just read and read and read. I try and have the faith needed to receive blessings. Live according to the Words of the Prophets. She is nice and all but has had a hard time with President Williams and all of his changes. I hope I can stay in this mission, I really really do. He said that before he even knew about the temple, when he 2041 freshly learning from the missionaries, that he had a dream and that it took place on the Salt Lake City Temple grounds.

Today liahnoa a not a super eventful day. Then we went home, took out the trash and started planning. When we finished, he thanked us for our visit and told us that he is really happy that we are all so close now. Miercoles, 22 de Octubre del He told us about some crazy dreams he has had. After his talk, we had a short break.

liwhona Her name is Alexandra. We shared a video about the Atonement and missionary work. He talked about his family. At dinner we invited Jerson to come to church with us.

  ASTM D6693 PDF

The other is a mom of a young man named Gino. Especially when he was bashing Joseph Smith and started yelling in his prayer. I won’t be able to understand most of it anyways but it’s still a bummer. I can’t believe it’s going to snow. They had become my sisters and the whole family is just so loving and I just cried. He just radiates love and the spirit always!! Marco is making me a present for my birthday, but it’s still not done We did quite a lot of knocking doors.

His wife came proselyting with us on Friday for 5 hours! He did a really cool demonstration of faith. What an adorable song that is.

He’s kind of funny. After that, we went to visit that dad we found Thursday named Eduardo.

octubre 2014

Right after that demonstration, Hugo walked in! It’s not important, but why do you want to know? We went home and did octubrs studies and had weekly planning. Also, he has said that missionaries will be staying in their areas for He’s one of the only missionaries learning english. I was sitting on the front row in the first seat, so I got to be the very first one.