The Pencast file format .pencast) lets you and others exchange and send your smartpen content, including audio, pages, or both. Introducing the. aegir smartpen. Powerful. Learn more · Buy. Light. Slim. Available now | Starts at $ | Two Designs | Two Colors Livescribe Smartpens. When we launched the Livescribe 3 and the Livescribe+ app, we started using our new pencast format – Livescribe PDF. These files still open.

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Livescribe PDF files are more portable, and easier to access on a range of devices, using the advanced. Now myself and many people with LD may have to find new tech to meet our needs so please keep the Audio synced with notes.

All Livescribe paper products can be used with any Livescribe smartpen with one exception — Sound Stickers. A pencast is a digital version of your notes and audio come to life as an interactive document. Then send the file to your device via email or cloud service.

I have not uploaded any of the recordings to the cloud or to livescribe online but have kept them available on my desktop.

You are saying that Echo Desktop will let me continue to select audio from any point in my notes in both the notebook and the computer file?

I seem to be in the place as Lori.

Livescribe PDF: Share your Livescribe 3 and Echo Desktop Pencasts – Livescribe

Will this still be available? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug or a feature? Why is Livescribe dot paper required? Thanks for sharing Jim. Google Chrome OS and the Chromebooks that use it are Linux based, and a rapidly growing segment ppencast laptop sales, especially in education.


Livescribe paper is available at competitive prices in a variety of paper types, bindings, and sizes: Share your Livescribe 3 and Echo Desktop Pencasts. I’m here to help you learn more about Livescribe. This allows your notes to be organized in the relevant software or service that is used.

Are you saying this is no longer possible? Hope this helps clarify things! If they just need your written notes not the audiothey can even just click on the PDF file and it will open right away, same as any other file. Thanks for appreciating the effort to move away from Flash!

Viewing and Playing a Pencast PDF

Hi Mia — you can export the audio as a. Hi Harry — please contact our support team at cs livescribe. Do you mind using our Live Chat on the support site, or emailing cs livescribe. Hi, Livesrcibe would like to be able to export the timestamped coordinates of writing from Livescribe 3 for my research project.

Viewing and Playing a Pencast PDF

Save the exported Livescribe PDF file to your local desktop or downloads folder. You can play and pause your pencast, pencaast skip forward and back through the audio. Who do Livescrbe need to contact to rectify this situation because it seems that the livescribe smart pen 3 is what our office needs? Between now and the release of Echo Desktop, the Echo Community will continue to function as always — you can play back existing pencasts and upload new pencasts as usual.

Hi Adam — understand your feedback, thank you. Hi Rhonda — thanks for the feedback, shared with the product team.

Exporting and Importing Pencast Files With Livescribe Desktop

You can back up or archive these documents as you would any other PDF file, and share them on cloud-sharing services or Learning Management Systems. My Echo pen is a great asset in the classes I teach and in many other things I do, but my desktop and laptop computers all run Ubuntu Linux.


Now, when I send it to my assistant, I have to email him the player url, which he then opens, downloads the file, then uploads it to the browser, and finally he can see the video. Hi Lori — please follow up with Customer Support, we will do our best to help you out there. If you have a Livescribe 3 or Echo smartpen, you can create and share Livescribe PDFs with anyone knowing that they can see and enjoy the benefits of the fully interactive pencast.

I have also been having trouble with Livescribe desktop on mavericks.

Echo Desktop is really designed for Echo smartpens. There is also an active ink view button. I occasionally like to make pen casts for my high school students so they can follow along with me as I solve chemistry problems…will I still livescfibe able to do this, with my speech included? This is liescribe same issue I have…I use the Livescribe pen to make pencasts of Physics problems for my honors physics class.

The barriers to production of a Linux-compatible Livescribe Desktop are low and falling. Is there a way to let the students see the pencast quickly in one click?