They say, fiction triumphs where history and historiography meet failure. True enough. Through imagination and innovation, fiction tries to. Looking through glass. By Mukul Kesavan Ravi Dayal Pages: Price: Rs Of course history is an attempt to make the past stable and of. At The Close Of The Twentieth Century, A Young Photographer On A Train To Lucknow Suddenly Finds Himself In The Deep End Of Adrift In The Final.

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His travails in Benaras include meeting and dealing with a aspiring porn-film-maker, and rescuing an unwed, pregnant girl, Parwana — all this while being under the tutelage of a local wrestler giving regular sermons on the importance of celibacy for conserving strength. However, fiction is different. Sue rated it really liked it Feb 02, I was really looking forward to reading lookimg book because I came across it in a round about way while browsing the internet and read about the author and an interview with him.

His involuntary odyssey through mukyl crumbling Raj takes him from Muslim neighborhoods and coffee shops to Hindu wrestling academies to colonial enclaves of viceregal splendor.

Looking Through Glass

Besides telling you plainly that independence as partition were affairs larger than the exchange between Congress and the Muslim League, it also encompasses other interesting sub-plots, one of which is crude kind of sexual comedy. Corinna Byer rated it it was amazing May 06, Now share the story Too bad. Another example is the disappearance of thousands of Congress Muslims on August 8,when despite their protests, the Quit India movement was launched, rendering them virtually invisible.

The hero is unconvincing and can’t make up his mind about anything really and this seems to be a malady that he might have caught from the author.

Aug 28, Radhika rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Stuck, like the rest of us, in a time and place not of his choosing, he does the usual things: Nukul it ends as miserably as it lurches to that end.

Towards a poetics of the Indian English novel Makarand R.

Through the lens of time – Society & The Arts News – Issue Date: May 15,

TweetIntellect The world’s first professional Viewspaper committed to preserving, protecting, promoting and publishing fiercely independent and thought provoking content! And this is not to say that it is not hard hitting, or that mukl does not send its message home. By waffling around as much as he does and concentrating at the oddest moments on his flatulence and excretions, he just paints a figure whom you really don’t want to follow around in his next noxious adventure.


By the end the protagonist will either have realized why Dadi was so critical of her own involvement in or in some other ways have come to grips with what transpired. Of all the novels Midnight’s Children has spawned in the past 14 years, Looking Through Glass is closest to the original-complete with Mercurochrome and Anglepoised light. He’s keen on the game of cricket[1] but in a non-playing way.

Books by Mukul Kesavan. He starts his journey with the intention of immersing his grandmother’s ashes in the Ganga, but ends up being circumcised and sequestered in the Purana Quila througy the Muslims of Delhi while the riots of 7 rage outside. Set amid the turbulence of Indian partition and independence, the hero of this tale is a young photographer who has a mysterious accident while testing out kezavan new telescopic lens.

Please provide an email address. I know it clear in my head what I have to say upon coming face to face with him — a simple thank you for giving me the best magical ride through the devastating annuls of Lopking pre-independence history, from a post-independence vantage point. Looking Through Glass is a novel that looks to recreate history, though not in a manner as simple as you would deem.

Lists with This Book. An interesting if disappointing debut: The story begins with promise and one feels that perhaps a coherent thread will emerge with a particular Dadi at the center of the struggle for the independence of India and the preceding and succeeding HIndu-Muslim tensions. Forth right and indefatigable. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. IN this saga of shifting and chimeric identities, one person who stands solidly rooted in space and time, determined to resist change, is Kulsum Ammi.

His credentials f Mukul Kesavan is an Indian writer and essayist. He has both, the retrospective and the prospective tools of analysis in his hands, because he picks up a nameless protagonist who has glazs into the lanes of history from a very contemporary reality. Katherine rated it really liked it Apr 04, Of course history is an attempt to make the past stable and of course it is a lie,” William Carlos Williams had once written.

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Paul Hoehn rated it did not like it Aug 26, Lastly, the novel is so dearly loved by me because of kesaavn lightness of tone with which the author is able to convey the seriousness of matter.

Book review: Mukul Kesavan Ravi Dayal’s ‘Looking through glass’

But history makes him her own – in a literal way – when he finds himself suddenly transported into the deep end of In Kesavan’s novel, among those who disappeared, one left a permanent shadow in the courtyard, the other remained only an image in mhkul mirror, yet another turned into a character in a Forster novel, on every page Aziz having become Salman.

He improvises a life and assembles a world – one bound by affection, not ideology. Account Options Sign in. Have a great year ahead: He only succeeds with regard to stools. Hannah rated it liked it Aug 26, Fiction, on the other hand, can merrily destabilise the past, bringing to life the infinite possibilities that exist at any given moment before subsequent events sift them out of collective memory.

His credentials for writing about the game are founded on a spectatorial axiom: And as he struggles to sidestep the juggernaut that will irrevocably divide Hindus and Muslims, we discover, often with a terrible poignancy, how much of what came to be in India need not have been.

A Delhi history professor’s promising but flawed first novel offers a what-if? I read the book cover to cover in order to be sure that I was giving it a fair shake though about a quarter through, the author was already beginning to bore me. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

I’ll tell you why. Was it the Guardian? Its is not a very simple narrative, for it is a fusion of genres of fantasy and historical fiction. Kesavan’s book of cricket,Men in White, was published by Penguin India in At the core of this comic and extravagant novel that takes in its sweep many locations – Lucknow, Azamgarh, Benaras, Delhi, Shimla – there is a questioning of the kind of identity politics that puts religion at the centre.