This script creates a new, blank Lotus worksheet object in the Description field of the current document. LotusWorkbook must be in the OLE. Hi This is a known issue but if you get it the first time it may confuse you. Lotus script function CreateObject() does not work in NotesAgent if it. Unfortunately CreateObject returns error Cannot Create Automation Does anyone know whether there is any LotusScript equivalent?.

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In its place, put this:. After you have told the system what you want to create, the next step is to put some data into the new array. A variable in LotusScript is a holder of information that is changeable later unlike constants. Variable scope is like the pyramid. Sign up using Facebook.

CreateObject function (LotusScript Language)

There might be hundreds of objects that are all of the same class. This hides the actual code needed to add a document to Word, so the developer of the class is the only one who needs to know how Word works internally; the developers that use this class lotusscrjpt do not. These are clearly relatedso putting them on the same line does not violate any of our construction rules cohesion, in this case.

Remember before when you tried to assign a String “Hello” to a Boolean type? I use reverse Hungarian notation in LotusScript; I do not use it anywhere else. Here is where we create the MS Word object from the system and assign it to the variable. After the new subroutine comes the delete subroutine.


An object is an in-memory instance of class as described later. This is a required step for component programming in LotusScript. Richard Schwartz 12k 2 15 If it is not, we set it to nothing because we want to avoid memory leaks. We will leave Word running, so we will not shut it down. This is a standard programming practice.

The special thing about ForAll is that it knows where to start and where to end; you do not need to worry about that. No disadvantages exist to doing this unless you are lazy or you don’t care about writing good code. This is called late binding. A constant is first defined by the LotusScript command Constwhich tells the system that a permanent value is about to be defined for the area the definition is in.

So, processor 1 is the first element of five in the array processor. Containers may also hold other containers. There are default initializations for each variable type. We will cover this when we cover scope. Loop family of loops has more variations, it is better to be consistent and just use the Do While The values of lists can be anything from numbers to objects. This allows you to extend LotusScript as appropriate.

Loop when you need this type of loop. So, the format is as follows:.

Fundamental Elements of LotusScript

The last line of the program, the tprint line, prints the result of the call to this function. When a class is initialized in memory, it is then called an object. If this is set to trueWord appears; otherwiseit remains hidden. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

It converts a number and prints it, and its name almost hides the dual functionality. On the second tab you will find the option Automatically Add Option Declare. Here is the routine:. Another example involves the upper and lower bounds of the application.


If you enter creareobject code into the LotusScript Editor, your output should be the numbers 1 to Objects are created to provide those attributes and actions to programs running in memory. Next loop is used to loop a certain number of times. It is used to hold code that has some commonality within it. Now the printing is separated from the converting, and it is lotussfript what each part is responsible for. Here you begin to combine several of the concepts reviewed previously.

CreateObject method (LotusScript Language)

You do this by referencing each element of the array by its index or subscript. The last part, the parameter list, is optional. Because Do While does the same thing as While Steven KernDeborah Lynd. You received a “Type Mismatch” error.

Examples: CreateObject method (NotesUIDocument – LotusScript)

Cannot create automation object – lotusscript Ask Question. Change the line to read as such:.

If you use the Chapter This specific example is called OLE automation, but it amounts to the same thing: We make it a class member variable so that it will last as long as the object lotusscriipt. This is how the data gets returned to the calling routine.

They are actually missing their data types.