Otto Wilhelm Rahn (18 February – 13 March ) was a German writer, medievalist, and Cathars with the Holy Grail: Kreuzzug gegen den Gral ( Crusade Towards the Grail) in and Luzifers Hofgesind (Lucifer’s Court) in Rahn later became a member of the Ahnenerbe (“ancestral heritage”) bureau of the SS, in whose employ he finished Lucifer’s Court. It is generally conceded. Read “Lucifer’s Court A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Light Bringers” by Otto Rahn with Rakuten Kobo. Rahn’s personal diary from his travels as occult.

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We may note that, after the meditation, he camps with a group of Hitler Youth; they are Courtiers of Lucifer, too. They had a sacrament of their own called the consolamentum.

He died, an alleged suicide, on March 13,in the snows of the Tyrolean Mountains. Aided by the French mystic and historian Antonin Gadal coourt, Rahn argued that there was a direct link between Wolfram von Eschenbach ‘s Parzival and the Cathar Grail mystery.

Otto Rahn in Jones’ Celtic Encyclopedia. Star rated it really liked eahn Shelves: But as time went on, his tolerance wore thin. Look, I will tell you a secret: Odin was eaten by a wolf In the early days, Himmler had been prepared to turn a blind eye to it.

Predictably, there are stories that Rahn was murdered, or that he didn’t die at all in the Tyrol – this was just a clever bluff to fool the Nazis. He’s a thinker, not a writer, and his journal entries are no great literary feats.


The original Indiana Jones: Otto Rahn and the temple of doom

In the basement, surrounded by busts of prominent Nazis, was an empty plinth where the Grail would go. How have you fallen from the heavens, O glowing morning star; been cut down to the ground O conqueror of Nations?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Boniface first preached Roman Christianity to the Chatten. As Richard Barber notes in his sober study, The Holy Grail, the parallels between the notables of medieval Provence and the characters in Parzival just are not that close.

This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Phantom Armies of the Night. I wish I could have read it in original German, though, but I don’t understand German. My hand shall be a lucky one!

Lucifer’s Court

By and by, in fact, we learn that maybe we should not take the connection between historical Catharism and Luciferian liberation too literally, either. Inner Traditions February Length: Was he writing what they wanted to hear or did he find something?

Only a few of them became wealthy. Not only had Himmler read Crusade Against the Grail; he’d virtually committed the thing to memory. Jul 27, Fiona Robson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Or perhaps that term is courh easy. However, Himmler loved the book and ordered 5, copies to be bound in the finest leather and distributed to the Nazi elite.


Price may vary by retailer. Rahn often quotes slabs of text without citation, a deficit that his editors do not always supply. British author, born The events of the everyday world, both in the past and in the present, gain their meaning to the extent that they reflect the myths. The Occult Roots of Nazism: Otto Rahn was born in Michelstadt, Germany, in Please review your cart.

A review of Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court by John J. Reilly | Otto Rahn Memorial

In later developments of the story, the Grail is a jewel that fell from the crown of Lucifer. The telegram was unsigned, but he was instructed to go to an address in Berlin – 7 Prinz Albrechtstrasse.

This journey was also one of self-discovery for Rahn. Inshortly before the Cathars were massacred by a Catholic crusade, three Cathar knights had apparently slipped over the wall of Montsegur Castle in the Languedoc area of Lufifer. Boniface, who preached the gospel of love.

Siyabonga Dlamini rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Legends communicate a higher truth than does sober history.