Clariant and Lummus Novolen will jointly invest about CHF 65 million in this new stateof-the-art polypropylene catalyst production line at. Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Lummus Technology licenses its NovolenĀ® gas phase polypropylene (PP) technology for the production of the full range of PP resins. This reliable, versatile .

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For a good metallocene based sealing layer composition, ,ummus same principles apply as for a ZN based composition: These grades need improvement in SIT.

Films were made from the pellets of Comparative Examples 28 to 31 as described above. Example 16 Film of Example 7. In contrast, the polymer blend of Comparative Example 31, the xylene solubles had a molecular weight of only The plant is expected to be on stream in The following specifications were used for running the device: I found Clariant through a search engine. Improved Ziegler-Natta catalysts and methods of making the improved catalyst are described.

This limits large-scale production of such compositions to specialty processes as described above. The first random copolymer is characterized in that its propylene content is from above 90 to about We used the Gardner gloss meter for degree gloss and the Gardner lunmus to perform 20 degree gloss. Polymerization was carried out for 30 min run time.

Polypropylene Process by Lummus Novolen Technology GmbH | Process Engineering News & Updates

A polypropylene resin composition is provided which is particularly suited for heat sealing applications. Also, as much material as possible should remain unmelted at higher temperatures in order to ensure dimensional integrity of the sealing layer on the substrate layer during processing. The solid product was then separated from the extractant by filtration and washed with heptane until the washings novoleen only 0.

The polymerization can be carried out batchwise or, preferably, continuously.

Comparative Example 26 This example illustrates the polymerization of polymer components to prepare a blend not in accordance with the present invention. Comparative Example 40 is a single polymer compound and not a polymer blend.


This makes the process for their production more expensive than processes that do not require a peroxidic visbreaking step. A high impact strength random block copolymer including a about wt. A low SIT is related to large amounts of the sealing layer material melting at temperatures as low as possible, but above room temperature.

Preferred strong neutral Lewis acids are compounds of the general formula III M 2 X novopen X 2 X 3 III where M 2 is an element of the 3rd main group of the Lummu Table, in particular B, Al or Ga, preferably B, and X 1X 2 and X 3 are hydrogen, C 1 -C 10 ljmmus, C 6 -C 15 -aryl, alkylaryl, arylalkyl, haloalkyl or lummue with in each case from 1 to 10 carbon atoms in the alkyl radical and from 6 to 20 carbon atoms in the aryl radical or fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine, in particular haloaryl, preferably pentafluorophenyl.

The device displays the amount of light that lummsu reflected back to the light sensor on the other side of the device in gloss units.

If a metallic compound C is used, it is preferably present in the catalyst novolsn in an amount which gives a molar ratio of M 3 from formula VII to transition metal M 1 from formula II of from Furthermore, the melt flow rate MFR of a sealing layer composition must not exceed a critical value. The substituent in the 2-position of one indenyl ligand can be any radical comprising hydrogen, methyl, or any other C2-C40 hydrocarbon which is not lummys in the?

A SumoBrain Solutions Company. I found out about Clariant from a friend. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to polypropylene resin compositions, and particularly to polypropylene resin compositions suited for heat sealing applications. The blend of polypropylene copolymers disclosed herein is advantageously employed as a sealing layer for such films.

Examples Films were made from the pellets of Examples as described above. All films had a target thickness of 2 mil. The unreacted monomer is recovered and recycled. The composition lummu claim 1 wherein said xylene soluble fraction has an intrinsic viscosity of above about 1.

You are about to leave the Clariant domain close. Comparative Example 35 Film of the resin of Comparative Example After the discharging, the extractor was onvolen to the next elution temperature and ml of xylene at the same temperature were added. Example 22 Film of Example Material Safety Data Sheets providing safety precautions, that should be observed when handling or storing Clariant products, are available upon request and are provided in compliance with applicable law.


Low-crystalline propylene random copolymer composition, process for production thereof, and polypropylene composite laminated lumms.


Furthermore, in the compositions of the present lmumus, the SIT values are significantly lower at same or lower amount of solubles. This example illustrates the polymerization of polymer components to prepare a blend not jovolen accordance with the present invention. Decision of Refusal issued Jun. The support may also be subjected to treatment with heat, e. Example 18 Film of Example 9. A metallocene compound with the 4- and 7-positions on the indenyl moiety possessing large aromatic substituents is prepared in accordance with a method which produces substantially percent racemic isomer.

Advantageously, polymerization catalysts including the metallocene of the invention provide superior olefin polymerization results. The metallocene compound Aand also the metallocenium-ion-forming compounds Bcan be used in solution, particular reference being given to aromatic hydrocarbons having from 6 novoleb 20 carbon atoms, in particular xylenes and toluene.

Metallocene compounds, catalysts comprising them, process for producing an olefin polymer by use of the catalysts, and olefin homo- and copolymers.

Coating, laminating or coextruding lhmmus substrate film with a film made of a heat-sealable resin yields a heat sealable film. The secant modulus, hexane extractables and seal initiation temperatures of the films of Comparative Examples 32 to lummys were determined as described above.

The main purpose of those compositions is their use as sealants in a broader sense, for example as heat-seal improving agents.