Luxuria Eve Berlin. 4 likes. Book. Luxuria Eve Berlin. Privacy · Terms. About. Luxuria Eve Berlin. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up . Luxuria (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Eve Berlin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. SE VOCE NAO FOR AO LIMITE, COMO SABERA ATE. Opinião Erótica: “De Olhos Fechados” de Eve Berlin. janeiro 08, Inês Santos 0 Comments. Opinião da Mafi aqui. Tal como qualquer livro erótico há.

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Eve Berlin is now officially on my must read list. Other books in the series.

In here, the lust prevails, as well as understanding. It is worth to be read, in contrast to the other two. This made the story very straightforward and easy to read. If we didn’t take risk or opportunities we will never know what happens. She agrees even though she believes she is not the sub-type.


The characters were not cardboard characters but fully fleshed out and were not perfect they were flawed and knew it in regards to relationships but willing to keep their agreement even though both felt something beyond the sexual. Frequently and without guilt. Alec is more outgoing, has friends and is somewhat of an adrenaline junky.

Ok, so maybe you are thinking of buying this for the ‘kinky’ sex, well don’t even bother. Dylan, the heroine, is aloof but likeable, with very relatable flaws.

There’s serious chemistry between them and as you can guess, it gets very hot.

Anyone who has never read a BDSM novel. Previous Page 1 2 luxuria eve berlin 4 5 Next Page. Every single insignificant detail is mentioned. In Pleasure’s Edge, the psychology of the characters is explored as deeply as their sexual connection. Seattle, Washington United States.


Other books in the series. And the battle of wills between them begins!

If he cannot prove she is a submissive then he will let her dominate him!! Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I give Pleasure’s Edge two big thumbs up for anyone who enjoys character driven romances with scalding hot sex scenes and enough tension to drive nails into wood. Este hombre se merece TODO.

There really wasn’t anything ground breaking as far as story telling but the growth that each person went through and their relationship growth was so well done. The sex scenes are amazing and not over the top and very realistic.

And boy oh boy does Luxuriaa know what luxiria doing! The whole idea of being beaten into orgasm isn’t all that enticing to me, or the whole roughness that is associated with it, but honestly, this author makes you almost want to If luxuriaa stays with him longer it will hurt more later.

On to the next rant: Recommended to Taryn by: Es una lectura entretenida pero no memorable. In here, the lust prevails, as well as understanding.

Opinião Erótica: “De Olhos Fechados” de Eve Berlin | Algodão Doce para o Cérebro

Alec is an experienced dominant. Um mundo diferente e muito bem explorado. There are sex toys and some rear door activity. The author feels it necessary not to only have Dylan complete these unbearably long monologues, but she also has the tendacy to make her repeat it all again with extra detail which i did not even think berlln but was sadly proven wrong after each of her encounters with Alec going back to the first sentanve of this review, for a moment i thought hios name was James and then becomes a mess and starts blubbering about even more emotional nonsense.


He’s a true gentleman, very protective and tender towards Dylan. Great story, lovely writing, a real pleasure to read!! Oct 18, esmiucaolivro rated it really liked it. As she’s questioning him for her book, Alec makes her an offer. So glad I did! It may sound crazy when I say this, but you can feel the chemistry and sensuality flowing from the cover. At times there was too much pondering. All of her book ratings at Goodreads reflect her favorite books, from those she loved to lifelong keepers.

Dylan and Alec are both authors. I enjoyed this book very much and the authors writing style. Conhecido por ser um famoso dominador em relacoes sadistas e sadomasoquistas, Alec tenta convencer Dylan de que a melhor forma de se aprofundar no assunto e entao escrever um livro o mais proximo possivel da realidade e viver uma experiencia como submissa e berlij na pele a sensacao desse tipo de relacao.

He likes to play, then walk away. There is one thing that Alec says in the novel, that practicing BDSM does not mean that he is a jackass by default and he consistently proves it.

I felt such a connection to this book, Livro luxuria eve berlin reminded me of my husband with the little things he does beriln the goatee thing that I livro luxuria eve berlin so much.

The hero, Alec, has a similar character arc.