Description; Availability; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. The Macharius Heavy Tank is the work of Magos Nalax of Lucius Forge World, who collated. Macharius tank rules – posted in + ASTRA MILITARUM +: Hey all I was wondering where the rules for the macharius tanks and forgeworld stuff. The Macharius is a Heavy Tank named after the legendary Lord Commander deadly machines to the same standards as those during the Great Crusade.

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While rarer and harder to manufacture than battle cannons, they are capable of using special anti-tank shells in addition to beast hunter shells and standard munitions. Crimson Fists Rules Leaked. Despite these failings it is still a solid heavy tank, carrying very thick frontal armor and twin synchronized Battle Cannons in its main turret.

However, it all depends on which version you want and how you play the game. For Forge Worlds seeking to secure large military contracts but lacking the necessary STC data, or who experience a shortfall in Baneblade production, the Macharius is a viable lesser alternative and has become a common sight in the regiments of the Imperial Guard. The Vanquisher in my view is the best, not OP in any way, but has a good tank killing and infantry killing gun, followed by the bolter version, then the standard you cant get the plasma varient from FW anymore but that was also a nice varient.

Ads by Project Wonderful! Both of these tanks bring enough Dakka to bring down any inferior foes foolish enough to get in their sights. Community Forum Discord Server. While the Russ’s Vanquisher Cannon is a pure tank hunter no blastthe Macharius is large enough to carry a second rack of shells that have no extra armor-piercing effect but are 2d6 S8 Ap Extended Firing Deck — Maacharius to 20 more models can shoot from the Stormlord, has a capacity for 40 models.


The process took two hundred years of careful study and consultation with other forge worlds before acceptance was given and Lucius sanctioned to begin production, though Nalax would not live to see his dream realized.

Particularly in light of the new daemon engines that Chaos are getting macharjus the half-ass Baneblades that the SM are getting ret-conned into their arsenals, the IG might need some balancing firepower. The Omega-pattern Plasma Blastgun, unlike the Ryza-pattern found rues Imperial Titans, is a more compact design that is easier to manufacture.

The options for the sponson- and pintle-mounted weapons are also similar. Ryles to Our Free Newsletter. So which tank would you go with any why?

Views Read Edit View history. I think the Vraks books are the ones you want? The comparable ease with which the Macharius ‘Omega’ can be manufactured and maintained has more then overcome its shortcomings in the eyes of the Departmento Munitorum [3d]and large quantities of resources have been devoted to the forge worlds which produce them such as Lucius, Hellgrace and Dynax Primus. This page was last modified on 23 Augustat Personal tools Log in Request account.

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Macharius Heavy Tank

Can fire its Vulcan Mega Bolter twice at the same target if the tank does not move. That is rather silly, how irritating! Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

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Two of the mightiest tools in that massive Imperial arsenal are the Macharius Vulcan and the Stormlord. While the regular Macharius is meant to be a baseline heavy tank, in terms of price efficiency, it struggles competing with its Leman Russ counterpart in terms of sheer utility. Smaller and with fewer weapons, the Macharius cannot hope to match the Baneblade in firepower, armor, engine performance or advanced logic-engines.


That’s 30 shots at S6 AP3, and you’re always going to be in range at 60″. Secondary fire comes in the form of a hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Stubber and two sponson-mounted Heavy Stubbers, although the latter can be switched out for Heavy Flamers or Macharuus Bolters. Anyway Mach tanks can be worth taking, they are a very fluffy and fun mmacharius heavy, cheaper and interesting.

Tl;dr rjles, it is basically a discount Stormlord that may actually be superior than its larger counterpart due to the presence of an actual turret, cheaper price and smaller profile.

Macharius Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

You can buy it if your willing to front the costs of producing 10 models. Despite these failings it is still a powerful heavy tank and a whole load more useful than that silly looking Malcador; to reiterate what has been said before, the Macharius carries a very thick frontal armor and twin synchronized Battle Cannons in its main turret.

Firing fank of rounds per minute, the Vulcan is a highly-effective anti-infantry platform, able to sweep clear trench systems and suppress enemy heavy weapons teams. For when you need 2s to kill space marines. I got Vraks, its got the rules bar the guns, which just shows how sometimes FW doesnt check its ruleset to make sure everything is there that should be there.