Tradition Book: Verbena (Mage: The Ascension) [Steve Kenson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. derived from the white wolf book of. Hello. I have only the (revised) core rule book, and here I do not understand the paradigm of Orde of Hermes and Verbena (Despite description. Mages of Verbena are blood-shamans, healers and primordial witches and warlocks. They are masters of the sphere of Life. The Verbenae believe Life is.

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They definitely have examples out there of Verbena who are not happy-granola-love-crystal-hippy-mystic types. This Faction is charged with the protection of Glastonbury Toran important secred site of the Verbena in England.

Questions about the Verbena – Onyx Path Forums

And it so it shall ever continue. The Euthanatos would prefer to crush that tree in its moment of weakness. Verbena tend to unsettle even normal people, who just aren’t comfortable with the Verbena’s openness about topics like death, sexuality and bodily functions.

Introduction posted by pospysyl Original SA post. The Verbena are so attuned to living cycles that they neither hesitate nor second-guess themselves in matters of nature. Medicine at 5, Alertness and Artistry at 4, two other Abilities at 4. It’s not elaborated too much, I suspect because pretty much up to Revised they wanted the technocracy to be the one big enemy to fight.


Nature is harsh with Willworkers that make Her do things that She does not want to do in part because Her dreams have been corrupted by the Technocracy. Roleplaying Hints Like the animals they love and the seasons they serve, the Verbena are a curious mix of caution and directness, compassion and brutality. The Verbenae believe Life is sacred, and to be prized above all things.


While Verbena will usually pay at least lip service to all gods, some masks of divinity are more difficult for them to accept than others. Nature Herself sometimes designates a place as having power because they are close to the Heart of Nature, apparently. Werewolves tend to have an vfrbena that individual humans don’t really matter in the big picture.

Life at 3, one other Sphere at 3. Werewolves is a bit of a mixed bag. The Fates are always at the their loom, weaving the destiny of all. This makes their views highly suspect to most Verbena. We often battle, but just as often we stand together against those who would oppress us. She is also symbolic of the titanic energies available on this very dynamic path.

The Verbena have been among the most driven advocates of removing these terrible things from the face of the Earth at all costs, which has pitted them against Iteration X and the Progenitors in increasingly devastating confrontations. Bad Blood Verbena are well known for their habit of speaking freely about how they feel about their fellow Traditions, and they don’t use any comfortable modern euphemisms to clean up descriptions of their practices.

Our power is our history; family tradition is the best teacher. In her more bellicose affects, She helps the Willworker in battle. The spark of life gives us the power to shape reality. How bout a family of redneck murderers who feed their tree Node with blood of sacrifices? Magic is afoot -Buffy St. They often find themselves struggling for acceptance from the more conservative factions of the Verbena.

Paradigm Summary: Verbena

Most of all, they act as the needs of the situation require. If you read history journals you’ll find people dismissing the verebna times’ and the idea of a witch cult; but if there’s really a Technocracy at work in the world, how can you trust that?


Flow of Life The Verbena are so attuned to living cycles that they neither hesitate nor second-guess themselves in matters of nature. What matters is that the cycle of life continues, and Verbena do their best to see that balance is maintained. Vervena posted by Ramnesis View Post. While they honor ancient rites of hospitality and they respect those who they feel deserve it, most Verbena delight in taking especially troublesome folks down a peg or two and revealing the verbbena urges civilization tries so hard to hide.

How revolting that they continue to force such ideas on us, calling us heathens. It should also be noted that the deities often have more than one face. They’re both and, of course, Both Work To their enemies, they are merciless, patient and vindictive, and they tend to take the phrase “blood for blood” amge literally.

You will hear them if you go anywhere the Verbena gather verbeja drink mead. It is potent, wet, disturbing, natural — it is you.

Some Verbena would find it hard to follow the Path of Odin because that god has been linked to the Nazis, for instance. Verbena gain one free retest per session on any challenge of Animal Ken, Medicine or Survival.

Is it historically inaccurate? For me, Aztecs are Verbena.

Members of other Traditions consider the Verbena disturbing and bloodthirsty. Their rituals are powerful, but they need to learn that power flows from the heart and soul, not the textbook. Others disguised their knowledge as simple woodlore or plain herbalism so as not to arouse any dangerous suspicions.