As for Mainline Modeler, you can pretty much kiss that subscription “Last month in TKM I mentioned the discontinuance of Mainline Modeler. I am in the process of digitizing all of my copies of Mainline Modeler. However I do not have a complete set. I am willing to trade one of my. And lastly, Mainline Modeler was a premium magazine (IMHO). A chance to get them all with all of the drawings, articles and yes, the ads in a.

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I learned a lot about scratchbuilding parts and modifying rolling stock kits for specific prototypes. All times are GMT Seemed pretty good to me, if a little heavy on product reviews. Every other folded magazine that I had subscribed to provided some sort of roll-over or credit when it ceased publication.

The mag goes and they concentrate on annuals. A letter asking for my money back, written last month, has gone unanswered. Seems like someone mentioned MRN being a little heavy on the new product reviews, but hey The cover price will be going up a little soon, what isn’t? I’ve only purchased Mainline Modeler if there was something I was interested in reading about.

There was a notice on another forum earlier this year from the publisher stating they were changing from a quarterly modele to something similar, I think a quarterly book like their annual special issues. It never seems to get mentioned when the subject of pubs comes up. Posted by slotracer on Friday, November 17, You’ve got a lot of people putting great how to articles on their own web pages and showing off mainliine nice layouts as well.


Helpers Avron 16Slambo 5SimoneA 4. Did I by modelee chance hear someone mention “Class Action Suit”? Only problem is the when Kalmbach went to the bigger format, they are just a skosh small for the depth. The reason I ask is that I scanned all my issues of Model Railroader track diagrams. Many are turning to modeker internet as source 1 for their information, and on the web people expect that information to largely be free.

Given their ability to control the outcome, the secured creditors are often the only people who see any money out of a bankruptcy proceeding. So, ” 0 prequel ” sorts by 0 under the label “prequel. Here’s what it says: I hope the idiot in Texas who made the decision to go with Apple got a nice kickback.

Member since October, From: Results 1 to 8 of 8. Posted by MAbruce on Friday, November 17, I do see Railroad Historical Society magazines have been on the rise over recent years.

Photos were way too dark, and the overall magazine wasn’t very appealing. Awhile back, at the website I noticed that there was a big sale on back issues, which was to be some kind of close-out since extended.

Model Railroading > Data DVD: Mainline Modeler Complete Collection

I can’t imagine the number of hours it takes to create one acurate scale modeller of a steam locomotive. It’s probably a moot point, but one to keep in mind.

I strongly suspect that over the next years all but MR, RMC and perhaps one of the N-scale magazines, will be gone. Posted by Railphotog on Saturday, November 18, 8: I don’t think so.

Mainline Modeler | eBay

But it’s been around since and I recently got their free sample issues. When I asked why the answer was a decline in circulation.

Kalmbach issued a refund after beign rather vocal about the quaility or lack thereof of the scans. I’ll do some checking on the other forum to see if anyone knows more details. I would expect to see many of the SIGs and historical modeeler switch to online publishing to save the cost of printing and mailing newsletters.


An iPad is a tablet, not a full-blown computer nor is it a Mac. This is not the first instance I’ve heard of someone having to chase down a mrr publication to receive payment for their work. In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narniadisagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series. Posted by cacole on Thursday, November 16, 3: Member since April, From: Model Railroader Video Plus.

I am very disappointed in Robert Hundman’s actions in this matter. I was told Robert was looking for a buyer, and should call back again in a month or two. But there was nothing I wanted to buy at that particular moment, over the phone.

Posted by jfugate on Friday, November 17, I was all excited until I saw the price.

So much wonderful stuff in MM over the years, modeeler Robert Hundman helped take the hobby to a much higher level.

Works can belong to more than one series. Thirdly, buying from a Historical Society funds their projects. They will hold an easy year’s worth. Something the Panasonic Toughbooks they replaced had both of. The photos were frequently out of register and blurry. Chalk it up to one of life’s tiny problems and forget about it.