MAJOR CONNECTORS. DEFINITION. The MAJOR CONNECTOR is that part of a RPD that joins the component parts on one side of the arch to those on the. Major Connectors. BDS III year. RPD Lecture. Timing- PM. Dr Deeksha Arya . Associate Professor. Department of prosthodontics. Components of a typical. Major Connectors IN RPD – Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. DENTISTRY-.

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conenctors The palatal plate may be used in any one of three ways. Single Palatal Bar Most widely used and yet the least logical of all palatal major connectors. The inferior border of the planned major connector can then be located at the height of the lingual sulcus of the cast resulting from such an impression. The basic form of a mandibular major connector is a half-pear shape, located above moving tissue but as far below the gingival tissue as possible.

Acceptability of maxillary major connectors in removable partial dentures

Abstract Connecrors The choice of connector lies between plate, a bar or a combination of bars, which may cross the palate in various positions. Because the connector must have sufficient width and bulk to provide rigidity, a linguoplate is commonly used when space is insufficient for a lingual bar. Lingual bar FigureA. Major connectors must be rigid to perform their functions with maximum efficacy. Design of Maxillary Major Cknnectors The maximum displacements in the vertical direction under a specified vertical load was found in class I full palate, smallest maximum displacement was found in class Rod Anteroposterior palatal strap.

Mamor need for indirect retention influences the outline of the major connector Slide Other studies 16 have shown conjectors increasing popularity of upper acrylic partial denture among some groups of patients. Model 3—class II—anteroposterior palatal strap load application.

Impingement of gingival tissue should be avoided. The anterior connector may be extended anteriorly to support anterior tooth replacements. Figure A, Framework for mandibular removable partial denture with the following components: The film pairs mm apart were superimposed over each other by special analytic equipment Planicomp C, Carl Zeiss and changed to three-dimensional models.


Removable partial dentures help in replacing missing teeth and the tissues to a certain extent. Major connectors should be designed and located with the following guidelines: This study was aimed to determine the deflections seen in maxillary removable partial denture frameworks under simulated occlusal load and to compare the rigidity and deflection characteristics of different maxillary major connectors used in maxillary edentulous situations i. Relief should be provided beneath a major connector to prevent its settling into areas of possible interference, such as inoperable tori or elevated median palatal connectods 5.

The patient should be aware of as little added bulk and as few altered contours as possible. In addition to being time consuming, grinding to provide relief from impingement may seriously weaken the major najor, which can result in flexibility or possibly fracture. Location of the inferior border was determined as suggested in Figure and extends to the mesial of the mandibular right molar. Be fabricated of uniformly thin metal Have accurate anatomic reproduction of the ruggae improves strength and rigidity.

Type of major connector. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Many opinions have been expressed concerning the acceptability of major connector but such studies in Africa are very few.

Acceptability of maxillary major connectors in removable partial dentures

It is generally accepted that a sublingual bar can be used in lieu of a lingual plate if the lingual frenum does not interfere, or in the presence of an anterior lingual undercut conectors would require considerable blockout for a conventional lingual bar. However, when auxiliary splinting is used for stabilization of the remaining teeth or for horizontal stabilization of the prosthesis, or for both, small rectangular connectrs sometimes remain.

Using the finite element system static load was applied to the various designs of chrome cobalt partial denture frameworks on the saddle area. These deflections can be controlled by. By virtue of intimate contact, interfacial surface tension between metal and tissue provides the prosthesis with greater retention Slide Though the relative advantages of metallic and acrylic resin dentures are well known, it is not clear which one will prefer.

Stabilization and reciprocation are provided by a linguoplate that contacts the remaining teeth and are supplemented by the labial ih with its retentive struts. In order to view it, please contact the author mzjor the presentation.


At the inferior border of the lingual bar connector, the limiting factor is the height of the moving tissue cohnectors the floor of the mouth. Oral mucosa covering the edentulous ridge vertically distorts approximately 0. Except for a palatal torus or a prominent median palatal suture area, palatal connectors ordinarily require no relief. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Outline of nonbearing areas. Outline of connector areas.

To be rigid enough to resist torque and to provide adequate vertical support and horizonal stabilization, a single palatal strap would have to be objectionably bulky. Anterior-posterior palatal bars Single Palatal Strap: It also provides cross arch stability to help resist displacement by functional stresses. The model was assigned the material properties. Go to Application Have a question? The major connector joins the components of a removable partial denture RPD on one side of the arch to those on the opposite side.

Comparison of major connectors for removable partial dentures. By virtue of intimate contact, interfacial rod tension between metal and tissue provides the prosthesis with greater conectors. If the rectangular space is bounded by the lingual bar, the anterior tooth contacts, and the cingula, and the bordering minor connectors are filled in, a linguoplate results Figure The maxilla geometry is sliced to majoe simple geometry.

Design of Mandibular Major Connectors The following systematic approach to the design of a mandibular lingual bar and linguoplate major connectors can be readily used with diagnostic casts after the diagnostic data are considered and related to the basic principles of major connector design: The choice of connector lies between plate, connectorz bar or a combination of bars, which may cross the palate in various positions.

In the photogrammetric part of the study, 1, coordinate points were used for calculating the whole area volume on three-dimensional models. From the standpoint of patient comfort and alteration of palatal contours, it is highly objectionable. They concluded that major connector with decreased thickness or width showed more displacement.