Please also note that those are generic instructions. There are two major components involved: the streaming server (Icecast in this case) and the source. Icecast Streaming Handbook researched and created by David Childers. Icecast documentation written by members of the Xiph foundation community. Ezstream. icecast2 was created by the icecast team >. This manual page was written by Keegan Quinn.

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Ices2 will run using an. Since Ogg, AAC and MP3 formats use lossy compression, listeners will only hear the benefit of higher streaming bitrates if the media files in the Airtime storage server are encoded at an equivalent maunal, or higher.

Linux – Software This forum is for Software issues. Source clients send the content to Icecast and provide the stream data encoded audio that is then relayed out to listeners by Icecast. In this case each broadcast or stream is a separate mountpoint.

Icecast Docs — Basic Setup

Now that the Icecast server is started you must now ivecast2 your source client. So, for instance, if you attached your source client to an icecast server located at Conversely, you may have a music station which wants to stream at kbps or kbps to offer a quality advantage over stations streaming at kbps or less. But unfortunately, the playlist is in a regular. To get the latest development state: Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide ocecast2 created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter.


If no error messages are generated, then check the error. I want to make it so that some people are moderators at the radio station. Of course there are many icefast2 settings you can play with.

Streaming MP3 below a bitrate of kbps is not recommended for music, because of a perceptible loss of high audio frequencies in the broadcast playout. Not sure right now where is the problem.

Icecast and SHOUTcast

This means you can have a single Icecast server manuql either multiple broadcasts with different content, or possibly the same broadcast but with streams of different bitrates or qualities.

In the following screenshot, Russian characters are being displayed incorrectly in the Current Song field for the MP3 stream:.

The information you will need for the source client is the following:. The source client in general runs on a separate icecasg2 than Icecast, but does not necessarily need to. The solution is to specify that the metadata for the MP3 mount point you are using should be interpreted using UTF-8 encoding.

This is due to the lazy way most media players infer the type of stream. You also need to define the hostname where your stream can be reached: This can be done with pavucontrol.

Broadcast audio with Icecast2

You should be prompted for a username and password. Stream2ip is a graphical frontend to quickly start and stop streams where a basic setup for Ices2, Ices or Darkice has already been done. It is by no means a complete list but should give you enough to get started. In the configurations files there are explanatory notes on parameters.


That’s all for Icecast2. When sending metadata about your stream to an Icecast server in non-Latin alphabets, you may find that Icecast does not display the characters correctly for an MP3 stream, even though they are displayed correctly for an Ogg Vorbis stream.

Find More Posts by andpol. Because Airtime supports simultaneous streaming in multiple formats, it is possible to offer one or more streams via your website, and another independent stream for direct connection from hardware players.

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. To do this edit the corresponding line to:. Want to know which application is best for the job? After installation you should have and Icecast binary and 3 directories conf Contains the Icecast configuration file icecast.

There are two major components involved: Change it only when needed. This can nicely be used to e.